(Clearwisdom.net) The Guangzhou "Law Education School" was established in 2001. It belongs to the authorities from the "610 Office" in Guangdong Province and is nothing but a brainwashing center that uses force in order to torture Dafa disciples, the kind that exists in every province or autonomous region. The training was organized in Beijing. Each center communicates with other similar facilities, exchanging methods for persecuting Dafa and Dafa disciples. The following are descriptions of the methods used in this brainwashing center.

Method 1:

They kidnap Dafa disciples and take them to a brainwashing center they call the "Law Education School," and force them to acknowledge that they are "students" in that school. They then say that "students" must obey the "school rules," which trick some people with an attachment of fear to write the "guarantee letter."

Method 2:

They draw two circles on the ground. One has the words, "Insisting on Falun Dafa's position," and the other has the words "The People's position." They let Dafa disciples choose. If some people choose the Dafa position, the security people will force them to admit guilt in front of the national emblem and have their photos taken at the same time.

Method 3:

They force Dafa disciples to copy vicious cursing and insulting words against Dafa. If practitioners refuse, they burn their hands with cigarettes and pull their hair out, one hair at a time as a form of punishment.

Method 4: They assign as so-called "homework," in the form of copying their twisted understanding of Falun Gong. They will not let the practitioners sleep if they do not follow these orders, and interrogate them, one by one. The wicked "school master" shouts hysterically at midnight, "Are you going to write or not?" Then the screaming and odor of burning flesh from the electric stun batons they use on practitioners comes out of that room.

Method 5: They ask Dafa disciples "What kind of organization is Falun Dafa?" If the reply is "Dafa is not an organization," the wicked people will say that since you have no organization then you can just write the "break up with Falun Dafa" statement.

Method 6: They told a mother who had a one-year-old child, "Your child will lose his mother because of you. Your parents will lose their daughter because of you. If you transform into something we want you to become, you will be able to go home. Why don't you transform? Aren't you being selfish?"

The bad people kidnap the good people and say good people are being selfish. Where is the justice?

There are additional methods, each of which is a treacherous and insidious trap. It took more than nine months after forcing, deceiving, and physically and mentally torturing Dafa disciples before these villains got the first set of a "guarantee letters," a "repentance letter," "exposure letter" and "break up letter." One practitioner could no longer bear the torture and wrote the four letters against his will in a very exhausted mental state. Even so, the person who did this wrote these few words after the last sentence, "The person who made this copy has a different opinion on its contents."

For the steadfast Dafa practitioners, the vicious people even forced them to tear up or step on Master's portrait [to force them to disrespect their Teacher], trying to destroy Dafa practitioners' belief by doing so. They also made a videotape to deceive others. When the practitioners were pushed down onto Master's portrait, they shouted in tears, "Master, I am sorry."

Fellow practitioners, let us send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil demons in other dimensions that control these people in the forced labor camps and brainwashing centers who persecute Dafa disciples. We will never let their plot to torment people succeed. These sins and crimes should no longer be allowed to continue.

January 25, 2003