(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Zhen, though only 11 years old, has been practicing Falun Dafa for a long time. When she was a young child, she already saw a revolving Falun. Obviously, Teacher Li had taken her as a student even before she started cultivation. After her father started cultivating, she once imitated her father and Heshi [pressing two palms together before the chest] to pay tribute to Teacher Li. She asked her father, "Why are you doing this?" Her father replied, "Teacher Li teaches us the Fa [Law and principles] and cultivation." Solemnly, Zhen declared, "Cultivation? I want to learn to do that too." Since then, like her father, Zhen studies the Fa and does the exercises daily, and is determined to be a true practitioner.

Zhen is persistent in her cultivation, and extraordinary things happen to her. There were times that she levitated as she meditated. Her body floated in the air, and at times her head would bump into the ceiling. She once covered her legs with a blanket, thinking that she would not float if she did that, but the levitation still happened.

Zhen felt that she was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Gong with people and be involved in distributing materials with her father. Once, a practitioner was distributing materials on a street. When the police searched the area, he sent forth righteous thoughts and succeeded in escaping. The policemen who were searching the area saw Zhen bicycling to school. One of the policemen hurriedly shouted at Zhen and asked her to get off her bicycle. Zhen ignored him. The policeman then caught and held the rear of the bicycle. He asked if she was distributing any materials. Zhen refused to answer. At that time, another policeman ran towards her and hit her bicycle with an electric baton. A thought came to Zhen's mind at the time: "It won't work. The policeman will shock himself instead." Instantly, the policeman who held the electric baton was thrown two to three meters by the baton's shock.

Zhen's righteous thoughts are immensely powerful. Wherever her thoughts go, evils are eliminated, turned into pools of black water and gusts of black wind. Sometimes, as Zhen sends forth righteous thoughts, all kinds of horrific animals and perverted beings will appear in an attempt to scare her. Knowing that she is a Dafa practitioner and that she has nothing to fear, Zhen will clear these beings up instantly. When the evils try to escape, Zhen will lengthen her arms and trap them with her hands. Sometimes, these evil beings will shrink themselves to the size of a needle. When this happens, Zhen will crush them and eliminate them with her hands.

Zhen's father brought her up as a single parent. She is a mature child, and always puts others before herself. She takes care of both herself and her father. She cooks, does laundry and sews blankets for her father. Her Grandmother is full of pity and always says to Zhen, "Poor child. You have suffered a lot." Zhen often replies, "Suffer from what? I am a practitioner, and nobody is happier and luckier than I am."