A Visitor from Beijing: "You Simply Practice the Exercises Without Interfering With Anyone! Jiang Is Looking For Trouble Where There Is None!"

At a famous tourists' site in Melbourne, a middle-age man from Beijing went to take a picture with some Falun Gong practitioners. Before he left, a practitioner asked him, "May I tell you some facts about Falun Gong?" He turned back and replied loudly, "I know the truth! Don't you simply practice the exercises without interfering anyone? Jiang is looking for trouble where there is none!"

An elderly man: "Don't you know that good will be rewarded and evil will receive karmic retribution?"

Mr. Zhao, a 70-year-old man, is my neighbor and is illiterate. Whenever he receives Dafa materials he kindly asks someone to read them for him. Gradually, he has come to understand that Falun Dafa is innocent and is being persecuted. One day, he saw a person tearing a Dafa flyer from a bridge. He rushed forward and shouted, "Stop! Does it have anything to do with you? Don't you know that the kind will be rewarded and the evil will receive karmic retribution?" That person withdrew and did not dare tear it down.

Mr. Zhao's son rides a tricycle for a living and is very supportive of Dafa. Whenever he found a Dafa banner on the ground, he would hang it back up. He is always cheerful and his business has been very good. He thought to himself, "I might be blessed for protecting Dafa materials."

An old friend: "I've seen the miracle of Dafa."

One of my old friends from the army has been drinking alcohol heavily for over twenty years. He had to have a drink with every meal. Under such conditions, he became emaciated. All of his relatives and friends had failed in trying to convince him to quit. One day I chatted with him about the facts of the persecution of Dafa. He was very much willing to hear about it and even brought Dafa VCDs back home to show his family. Several days later while at a party with other friends, he felt discomfort when drinking and said that he wanted to quit. In the evening he felt a warm feeling in his chest and "pins and needles" in his feet during sleep. This feeling passed after several days and he felt that his whole body had become light. From that moment on, he did not want to drink. His cheeks became rosy and he became more energetic. Everyone is now saying he is a changed man. He said, "I've seen the miracle of Dafa."