Practitioners in the Bay Area of California have had some discussions concerning the arrest of U.S. citizen Charles Li in China, and have summarized their thoughts below to share with fellow practitioners.

1) The evil so-called test by the old forces targets practitioners' own attachments. It is important for practitioners in different areas to have a clear understanding of this issue based on the Fa, and "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts."

2) We should be clear that Charles did nothing wrong. In regards to what the Chinese police are accusing him with, to our knowledge these accusations are false. The Chinese government has overseas practitioners' names on a list, and they are trying to link Charles to things that happened in the past.

3) Ordinary people cannot "test" Dafa, or judge or interfere with Dafa disciples' sacred missions in Fa-rectification. Otherwise, the consequences are severe, which we should stop from happening. Dafa disciples are fulfilling their Fa-rectification missions. Charles' being detained and "investigated" is already wrong. Lack of understanding about Dafa and participating in the persecution are fundamentally different.

4) Some responses in everyday people's society to Charles' arrest might be a reflection of practitioners' mentalities. Therefore, we have to close this ommission in the body of practitioners so that the evil cannot exist.

5) If Charles had a human attachment on the surface that contributed to his being arrested, that should not be an excuse for persecuting him. We cannot allow the old forces to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples under any excuse. At the same time, we know that Charles is a cultivator in Dafa, and his human attachments on the surface are being cultivated away.

6) In "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts," Teacher says: "The group of evil political scoundrels has never followed the law in dealing with Dafa disciples, so don't disapprove again of the actions Dafa disciples are taking as they clarify the truth, due to your attachment of fear." Our understanding is that China's legal system has been used as a tool to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. We cannot accept Dafa disciples being subjected to China's legal system at all. Charles and other Dafa disciples should not be detained or questioned.

7) While this situation has taken place, it gives us an important opportunity to clarify the truth to governments and people, especially in American society and to overseas Chinese.

We hope that as particles in the whole body of Dafa disciples, each of us can do things well with rationality, wisdom, and righteousness.