November 2, 2002


The following letter was written by lawless officials and sent to practitioner Chen Yonghong. His father Chen Man, also a practitioner, had been forced to abandon his home and go from place to place in order to avoid further persecution. After hearing about the letter, Chen Man was deceived into believing that those officials would keep their promise, so he came back home. However, he was kidnapped immediately upon his return.

Recently the authorities have been using such contemptible means to arrest and persecute Dafa practitioners. By taking advantage of Dafa practitioners' compassion and trust in others, they entrapped practitioners who had left their homes into coming back to their hometowns, and then illegally arrested them. We hope that this incident raises our awareness, enabling us to look at the problems that exist in ourselves and to make us more clear-headed, rational, and mature.

Below is the letter.

Chen Yonghong:

How are you? I am writing about your father Chen Man, who has been away for a long time and did not contact the coalmine. Yesterday I, along with two public security officers, found your brother and sister and explained our intentions.

  1. As long as your father comes back then everything will be fine. He can either stay downtown or at the coalmine - it doesn't matter, we will definitely not punish him. (This is the decision of the police station)
  2. After his return, his wages of 300 Yuan left from the previous year and the wages for the current year from January to October will all be given to him without one cent held back.
  3. If he retires this year, he can receive even more retirement benefits, which secures his livelihood.

If you do not believe the above three offers, you can telephone the deputy director general of the police department, Mr. Fan Jinjiang, who was a student of your father, or you can telephone Mr. Li Zhifan, the deputy superintendent in the police station. They will explain things to you. The contact number is 13700335783.

Mr. Fan Jinjiang said that if your father and other relatives can come home on their own initiative, then we can promise that no punishment will be imposed, or Mr. Fan Jinjiang can write a guarantee letter [promising we will not punish your father] on his honor.

The coalmine has spent about 50,000 Yuan to search for your father. If he does not come back himself, he will ultimately be found by the police. It is not a solution for him to stay away for such a long time. If he is found by the police, then his situation will be different. Please weigh the different options and make the right decision.

If your father wishes to come back and live at the coalmine, we can help him to find a place. He still has 3 tons of coal as a benefit and medical allowances that he could enjoy.

Contact numbers:

Mine Master Mr. Gao: 5569729, 13180570143

Mine Master Mr. Yang: 5569355 13513237777

Yang Yuzhu

Gao Jin