Jan. 24th, 2003


In just three years, four fellow practitioners around me were persecuted to death by Jiang's regime. They are Mr. Wang Huachen, Mr. Chen Dewen, Ms. Zou Guirong and Mr. Wei Zaixin. For myself, I have been beaten until being rendered unconscious twice. My front teeth have been nearly broken, and I have had both of my legs so tightly bound that I was left crippled in bed for several months. I staged a hunger strike several times to protest the persecution. Finally I was released from the labor camp after a hunger strike that lasted for more than two months.

I felt very sad after hearing that Wei Zaixin was killed by the Second Detention Center in the Jiangjun Shizilou after being sent there by the Jiangjun Police Station in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. I couldn't help remembering all the days when we were together.

I came to know Wei Zaixin in Wujiabao Labor Camp in Fushun City. At that time, he was over 60 years old and had just been sent to that labor camp. He looked very healthy and in high spirits. He was a senior engineer in Fushun City Science and Technology Advanced Institute. He was also a well-known explosives expert, and the work he had done had been a great contribution to the country.

Mr. Wei held himself to a very high standard. The living conditions in the labor camp were very poor and harsh. As an expert in his field, he had earned a good living, and he spent his money on clarifying the truth. He took whatever chance he had to meet with and clarify the truth to the labor camp cadres. He spent over 4 hours talking with one director. He also talked about his own personal cultivation experience. In 2001, he was detained in the Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing after appealing in Beijing. In Tuanhe he was tortured severely. He was forced to remain standing and at other times to maintain a squatting position for long periods of time. He was beaten up and cursed by the inmates. He was exposed to the burning sun during summer, and he was denied sleep to the point of almost fainting from exhaustion. He told me that there are many Dafa disciples in Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, among them there are scholars, Ph.D.'s, Master's degree holders, college students, leaders of scientific institutes, high-ranking government officials, as well as business owners and white-collar workers. They were all detained in the forced labor camp and persecuted brutally because they had spoken up for Falun Gong.

After he was transferred to the Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp in 2002, he made an impact on everyone there with his righteous thoughts and righteous actions, winning respect from the guards and cadres. The majority of the policemen and prisoners in the labor camp now know that Falun Gong is good, and that Jiang's political gang is evil. Many policemen also said that they hoped for the early restoration of Falun Gong's name as well as the expedient release of the practitioners. However, they are afraid to release the practitioners due to pressure from the authorities.

Mr. Wei used to be very sick with many severe illnesses before learning Falun Dafa. He always said that it was Teacher and Dafa that gave him his second life and declared that he would tell people about the greatness of Dafa and Teacher for the rest of his life so that more people can benefit as well. There are many practitioners like Mr. Wei, who have validated Dafa and clarified the truth in every way possible, and tragically, even at the cost of their own lives.