( Below is my current understanding regarding Fa-rectification. As my level is limited, I wrote down my thoughts merely as a reference for fellow practitioners.

The third type of evil beings was selected from various different cosmic systems by the old cosmic forces, under their careful plan. Consisting of beings from different levels and realms, they supervise and carry out the old forces' degenerate arrangements, and interfere with Fa-rectification.

To interfere with Teacher's Fa-rectification and Dafa, and to persecute Dafa disciples, the old forces picked high-level beings from various different cosmic systems and formed 81 working groups in addition to the two previous types of evil beings. Their core mission is to watch and inspect the carrying-out of the old forces' degenerate arrangements, and to protect Jiang and allow him to continue to commit crimes. The old forces have uniform arrangements and requirements for all working groups, but the groups themselves decide what to do when carrying out the details of the arrangements. In fact, each working group is an independent system. For example, a working group would work out its own arrangements for the deployments of evil beings, and for the forms and methods to protect Jiang.

These 81 working groups consist of 81 headquarters, or 81 defense lines, set up in the Three Realms by the old forces to interfere with Fa-rectification, and to obstruct Dafa practitioners from eliminating the evil. Usually, these working groups stay in a dimension within the Three Realms, and as soon as Dafa practitioners clear away one last line of defense, the following defense line would immediately take its place, and no gap would ever occur.

In order to assure that their arrangements run smoothly and that they obtain the results they want, the old forces made intricate arrangements during remote, pre-historic times. These arrangements include both overall and specific arrangements, and there are also special arrangements for special situations. These degenerate arrangements involve every aspect of every Dafa practitioner's life, work, and cultivation. Every thought and action of Dafa practitioners as well as that of ordinary people is within their degenerate arrangements during the Fa-rectification period.

In our dimension, in which the old cosmic principles still exist and are at work, these degenerate arrangements become the material factors that prevent the beings in this dimension from obtaining the Fa and developing righteous faith in Dafa. These old cosmic principles are the stumbling blocks that interfere with practitioners' walking the cultivation path that Teacher has arranged.

I found out that the old forces put many evil beings from extremely high levels between Dafa practitioners' surface bodies and their original nature. These evil beings' responsibility is to control every single thought and behavior of practitioners and to assure that they don't deviate from their arrangements. Teacher mentioned in Touring North America to Teach the Fa, "since the old forces have separated the surface and Dafa disciples' original natures, there are a lot of things Dafa disciples can't do anything about, and their surfaces are manipulated by evil beings and have been driven to do some bad things--which is because they have attachments that have been taken advantage of by the evil beings."

Many of the human notions Dafa practitioners showed during tribulations, the fears they had when validating Dafa, the various bad thoughts that occurred when they were in a quiet state of mind, as well as the persecution they suffered in the form of sickness karma, were done by the aforementioned evil beings. In addition, the old forces also arranged evil beings in dimensions of different levels outside Dafa practitioners' bodies for the execution of some particular degenerate arrangements. These evil beings attempt to force you to walk their path through manipulation, control, and persecution in the external environment, while the internal evil beings create problems within the practitioners. The external and internal evil beings collude with each other; they cooperate and do things together. Every Dafa practitioner has at least nine sets of degenerate arrangements, and some have as many as a dozen or even several dozen sets of arrangements. The beings forced their way into Dafa practitioners' bodies, and those outside that carry out the degenerate arrangements, are all high-level beings beyond the Three Realms. They are of different levels and massive in number. Each Dafa practitioner is watched by at least hundreds of evil beings, and some by as many as thousands or even tens of thousands of evil beings.

Every step of a Dafa practitioner's cultivation is very difficult. Only when we study the Fa, cultivate our hearts and conduct ourselves according to the Fa at all times can we, with Dafa's protection, break through the old forces' numerous interferences, disable the old cosmic principles and degenerate arrangements, and make the evil beings that execute the degenerate arrangements have no alternative. This is the mighty power and mighty virtue of Dafa, and it is the mighty virtue of Dafa practitioners as a whole body.

Of course, by now these degenerate arrangements targeting Dafa practitioners have been completely done away with. As for the evil beings that carry out the degenerate arrangements, some have been completely eradicated, some were grateful for Teacher's boundless benevolence and mighty power as they gave up evildoing and assimilated to Dafa, and entered the new cosmos.

What is worthy of mention is that Dafa practitioners who cultivate well have fewer such evil beings and more beings that became assimilated to Dafa. Some practitioners even had one hundred percent of these beings assimilated to Dafa. Dafa practitioners who don't cultivate well have more such evil beings, and fewer beings that assimilated to Dafa. Some practitioners even had one hundred percent of these beings eliminated.

Here I'll briefly talk about the situation of the old forces' degenerate arrangements. The evil beings in the 81 working groups were carefully selected by the old forces and they are all high level beings. Some of them stubbornly refused to give up the principles of the old cosmos, and they took a hostile attitude towards Dafa and interfered with Fa-rectification. Some were restrained by the old cosmic principles and they couldn't see their own degeneration, nor could they see the degeneration of the cosmos. But more of them held a certain kind of doubt and misunderstanding about Dafa. When these obstacles were done away with through our Hongfa (promoting the Fa) work, they gave up their evildoing and assimilated to Dafa.

Here, I record the conversations at different levels, between Dafa practitioners and evil beings who refuse to assimilate to Dafa and continue to interfere with Teacher's Fa-rectification, only so that we can see the characteristics of these types of beings, the cause and extent of their degeneration, and realize the importance and solemnity of looking at things with righteous thoughts, of studying the Fa, and of sending forth righteous thoughts.

1. This is the 5th working group dispatched by the old forces and these are two evil beings of relatively high level from the 5th Defense Line arranged by the old forces. They were caught during a great cleansing of the Three Realms.

Practitioner: (speaking to one of the two) Why do you persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners?

Evil: Our mission was arranged to do this.

Practitioner: The Teacher of Dafa is promoting the law of the cosmos, why do you oppose such a good Fa?

Evil: It is good, but since it is too righteous, it makes all others look bad... Your Teacher's Fa is very righteous and your Teacher walks a righteous path himself, therefore you practitioners have to have great tribulations! ...

2. This is an evil being of extremely high level. It is the chief of the 70th Defense Line and it was caught in the pineal body of the evil dictator Jiang.

Practitioner: (Asked many questions but received no answer. Promoted the Fa and told it many principles.)

Evil: You can say whatever you want, but I will do exactly this (attaching to Jiang's body to prolong its life). I will never change my mind. I will go against your Teacher and Dafa...I am irreconcilable with your Teacher.

3. This is the No. 2 chief at the core headquarters that commands the 81st Defense Line. It was caught in a dimension within the Three Realms.

Practitioner: Are you the No. 2 chief at the highest level (commanding the 81st Defense Line) sent by the old forces?

Evil: Yes I am.

Practitioner: Let's talk.

Evil: I've nothing to say to you...I will not accept, and I will never be rectified or assimilate to you.

Practitioner: If you are so completely wretched, then you are waiting for destruction.

Evil: Don't get excited too early. We still have another group lying in wait.

This is a portrait of this type of evil being who resists Dafa and interferes with Fa-rectification. Before it was eliminated, it was still hoping for its reserves to succeed. What happened then? The 81 defense lines, carefully crafted by the old forces, upon which they placed high hopes, were completely destroyed during Fa-rectification. Among them, only 12% to 13% of the evil beings were eliminated, and more than 80% gave up evildoing and assimilated to Dafa.

(To be continued)

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