(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of May 19, 2002, I went to the Tiananmen Square, unfurled a Dafa banner and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Two policemen took away my banner and sent me to the Xuanwu District Police Department. The officers asked for my name and address, but I refused to tell them. The police then slapped me, hitting my chin and chest. Later I was locked in a room. I carried out a hunger strike to protest. They then incited inmates to beat me up until I agreed to eat.

At ten o'clock on June 10, I mistakenly swallowed a thin wire while eating a steamed bun. I reported this to the warden and was later sent to the hospital to be examined. The director of the hospital gave the police a piece of paper and told him, "Fill it out yourself." They then took me to a hall and asked me to say "report," "yes sir" and ordered me to squat with my hands holding my head. I did not cooperate. Four or five police and a couple of wardens came in. They grabbed me and forced me to step on Dafa books. They asked me to apologize to them. I staunchly refused. Finally they forced me to write something to denounce Dafa. Two wardens grabbed my hands and forced my arms behind my back. They forced my hands to write and pressed my fingerprints. They said that this would count as my writing the denouncement letter (against Dafa) that they were after. Later they forced my arms behind my back again and crossed my legs. They then sat on me, one on my arms and another on my legs until I fell unconscious from the pain. I didn't wake up until the evening of June 15. I suffered many injuries. I stayed in Tuanhe Hospital for seven days and was then sent to the Beijing dispatch office. On June 20, the director of Team 1 ordered me to recite 23 prison rules. I refused, and was cursed at and beaten up. Fearing that other people could hear, they closed the door while beating me.

On August 1, I was sent to the Tuanhe Labor Camp. I carried out a hunger strike in protest from the very beginning. They began to use various means to force me to try to give up my belief in Dafa. They tried to convince me to eat and to brainwash me. They used all kinds of tactics to try to shake my belief. They tied my arms and legs to the four corners of a bed so that I could barely move. It was very painful when they force-fed me every day in this position.

I carried out the hunger strike for fourteen days. On August 14, the police videotaped me for a whole day with the purpose of showing others that they took good care of me. They tied me to the bed while some leaders pretended to take care of me, trying to "educate" and force-feed me. They also videotaped me when I had dinner. After dinner, they harassed me some more. Often they did not allow me to eat at mealtime and did not allow me to sleep until very late. They would then shamelessly say that it was all for my benefit.