Guard Li Zhe from the Third Detention Center in Changchun incited a criminal to take Dafa practitioner Song Li, who holds a master's degree, into a restroom and beat him. Song Li was covered with cuts and bruises after the beating. They force-fed him and used electrical batons to shock him. As a result, Song Li's body was covered with injuries. Song requested an official appeal, but the intermediate court in Changchun refused.

Ms. Tian Shufang, a 69-year-old Dafa practitioner, can no longer walk because she was forced to sit on a board motionless for long periods of time in the prison cell. The authorities still conducted an illegal trial despite her terrible physical condition.

Police in the detention center also stapled Dafa practitioners' hands, stabbed their hands with toothpicks and then tore out the staples and toothpicks. They enjoyed torturing the practitioners and called it "acupuncture."

They also used a liquid containing nitric acid to rub onto the Dafa practitioners' philtrums. [The philtrum is the indentation directly below one's nose.] The practitioners' upper lips were burned badly. In addition, the nitric acid severely affected practitioners' respiratory tract after being inhaled.

The detention center not only tortured Dafa practitioners' physically and mentally, but also tried to ruin them financially. They took away clothes and money sent from Dafa practitioners' families, even confiscating the practitioners' underpants that their families sent. One practitioner deposited 600 Yuan with the detention center in December 2001. After being released, his family member went to the detention center to get the money back, but the police altered the records and took possession of the money.