Ever since Jiang's regime started persecuting Dafa, my family has been repeatedly fined. I earn only minimum wage and my wife has been unable to find a job. In addition, my children need to go to school. As a result, my family is living a very thrifty life. At this crucial moment, one fellow practitioner gave me a hand during this difficult time. During the Spring Festival, several other practitioners also brought my family some things that we needed. This made me feel that we have many brothers and sisters caring about us, that we are like one big "family." I truly felt the enormous power of Dafa.

I feel that my financial difficulties are a form of persecution imposed against me by the old forces. This is something we need to eliminate and reject fundamentally during the Fa-rectification. Teacher said: "Learning Dafa itself is beneficial. Why would you worry about losing anything?!" (Falun Buddha Fa: Lecture at the First Conference in North America). Everything we have is given to us by our Teacher and no other life has the right to deprive us of it. While we examine ourselves to prevent evil from taking advantage of our loopholes, we need to reject their arrangements with our purest righteous thoughts. Everything we have should be the best. The evil is not worthy of testing us. When this thought arises from my heart, I find myself becoming more firmly determined in my faith in Dafa, and the evil arrangements being eliminated layer by layer. As a result, the situation in my family also improves greatly.

From another perspective, we practitioners are one whole body. Teacher said: "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington DC Fa Conference in 2002"). When I read Teacher's words, I think about our fellow practitioners and their families who have been detained or forced to leave their homes, as well as others who are bearing difficult situations at present. Don't they need more of our care and help?

For example, several practitioners and I went to visit one fellow practitioner who was sentenced to jail. Although we were unable to see him, we could tell from his letter that he was deeply touched and encouraged.

From the surface, all we are doing in such situations is saying a few words to help and encourage fellow practitioners. In fact, what we are giving are righteous thoughts and firm belief in Dafa. We also manifest the indestructible great compassion as well as the principle of one body. The magnificence of Dafa is shown in our actions, and fellow practitioners do not feel alone. It also enhances their determination and confidence. Furthermore, practitioners' families will further understand and support Dafa and will tell their relatives and friends about the compassion and kindness of Dafa practitioners.

From the perspective of the Fa, let us help those practitioners and their families who are enduring difficult situations at this critical time. They will feel the boundless power of Dafa no matter if the help is spiritual or material. In doing so, aren't we eliminating the evil's arrangement?

The above is just my personal understanding shared for your reference.

Feb 12th 2003