Falun Dafa Practitioners Liu Shufen Tortured to Death by Mengyin County "610 Office" and Detention Center in Shandong Province

Falun Dafa disciple Liu Shufen, female, 39 years old, was a resident of Tangzi Village, Andi Town, Yinan County, Shandong Province, with a Junior High School level of education. She was illegally arrested by Mengyin County Police Station and Mengyin County "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] on September 16, 2002. Later she was illegally detained in Mengyin Detention Center, and was brutally tortured there. After enduring four months of torture, she died on January 29, 2003.

On January 31, Liu's family members were asked to come to a meeting. They had a meal with Lei Yancheng, Vice Director of the Mengyin County "610 Office", and were then sent to a funeral home. There, they viewed Liu's body, which was curled up, covered with wounds and consisting only of skin and bones. The representative from the "610 Office" tried to force Liu's family member to sign a slip releasing the body for cremation, while threatening them. However, the family members insisted on an inquiry, and court doctors conducted an autopsy. The results showed that her brain was filled with blood. It is important to note that while Liu was a little too slim, her blood pressure had always been normal. Especially since she started to cultivate Falun Dafa, she was very healthy. She remained very firm in her beliefs during detention, and kept studying the Fa and doing exercises. She strictly conducted herself according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance". Her hematoma of the brain and the wounds on her body obviously were the results of beatings. The Mengyin County "610 Office" immediately cremated her body, in order to cover up the murder.

After that, the Mengyin County "610 Office" gave Liu's family 4000 Yuan (equal to roughly 8 months of the average urban worker's salary). Vice Director of Mengyin County "610 Office" Lei Yancheng said to them, "You better take the 4000 Yuan, because if you don't, you will get nothing. No matter where you go to sue us, it will be in vain!" This shows how the evil has lost all conscience, doing only harm, and killing without restraint.

Falun Dafa Practitioners Zhang Dezhen Tortured to Death by Mengyin County "610 Office" and Detention Center in Shandong Province

Falun Dafa disciple Zhang Dezhen, female, 38 years old, single, was a resident of Xiezhuang village, Jiuzhai Township, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. She had a college-level education, and was a teacher at the Mengyin County No.6 Middle School (Juizhai Middle School). Zhang Dezhen was illegally arrested by the Mengyin County "610 Office" and Mengyin County Police on August 13, 2002 (according to the Lunar Calendar). The evil forces first sent her to the 610 Office brainwashing class, and then to the Mengyin Detention Center. After enduring four months of cruel torture, she was tortured to death around January 29, 2003. People who saw her on January 28, 2003 reported that she was fine on that day, with only her legs being a little limp.

On January 31, 2003, Zhang Dezhen's family members were notified to meet with "610 Office" representatives. Her brother, Zhang Dewen, and her nephew were taken directly to the funeral home. At this time, rigor mortis had already set in, indicating that she had died some time before. Zhang Dezhen, at more than 1.6 meters, was relatively tall, but her body was curled up, there were wounds on top of the wounds, and she was highly emaciated. Colleagues from her school had brought her a change of clothes, but it was impossible to change her, as her body had become too rigid, so they simply draped the clothes on top of her. The evil gang of the Mengyin County "610 Office" forced Zhang Dewen to sign a slip releasing the body for cremation, but he refused. As a result, Zhang Dewen was beaten brutally, so that his hat fell off. He had no choice but to tearfully sign the slip. Thus, no autopsy was performed by a court appointed doctor, and no family member attended the cremation. The evil forces spread lies saying that Zhang Dezhen had died of a heart attack in order to cover up their act of murder.

Zhang Dezhen was illegally sent to labor camp by "610 Office", because she firmly cultivated Dafa. She had become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home. She was illegally arrested by security guards in Xintaixei Village Mine in the winter of 2001, and was then detained in a Mengyin brainwashing class. She went on hunger strike three times during her detention in order to protest her illegal detention. She was force-fed by the Mengyin County Traditional Medicine Hospital, causing her condition to weaken and putting her life in danger. The Mengyin county "610 Office" did not care about her life or death, and tried to continue to illegally detain her. When her family strongly insisted, they were allowed to bring her home from the brainwashing class. In the spring of 2002, Zhang Dezhen again became destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home, until she was again illegally arrested on September 19, 2002. She remained firm towards Dafa. Jiang and his regime killed her just because she tried to be a highly moral person, living according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance".

The Mengyin County Detention Center in collaboration with the "610 Office" has escalated the persecution towards Dafa practitioners since the fall of 2002. They brutally beat and tortured Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strike, force-feeding them salt water. The Mengyin Police Team was also involved in the illegal arrest, interrogation, persecution, and killing of Falun Dafa practitioners.

In addition, Mengyin County Falun Dafa practitioners Wu Zengjian, Zhao Chuanwen, Shi Zenglei and others, who were all illegally arrested with Liu Shufen are still being detained in Mengyin Detention Center. We heard there are at least 20 Falun Dafa practitioners still being illegally detained in the Mengyin brainwashing class or Detention Center. The evil "610 Office" has spread the word that they will be sentenced. Falun Dafa practitioners Teng Derong and Gong Shuhua who had been illegally arrested together with Zhang Dezhen are illegally detained in Linyi City Detention Center. (Gong Shua's mother, Hui Zenghua, and younger brother Gong Peibin are already being illegally detained in a labor camp. Her younger sister, Gong Shuqin, is missing, her father is overseas on business, and consequently five members of a family are very miserable) Falun Dafa practitioner, Gong Maohai, who was also arrested in the sweep is now missing; Mengyin practitioner Teng Defang (arrested on October 29,2002) has also been illegally detained in the Linyi Detention Center. Since the latter two were involved with a Dafa Materials production center, the evil is trying to sentence them to heavy terms. We are calling for concern from the international society for these Falun Dafa practitioners' safety: stop Jiang and his regime's killing; release these kind practitioners as early as possible!

Double Murder of Victim and Witness to the Crime: What Happened after Police Killed Liu Shufen

Several Falun Gong practitioners from Mengyin County, Shandong Province were reported to officials while they were distributing Falun Gong materials. They have now been released after going on hunger strike and with the help of their righteous thought. Since they had been detained with Liu Shufen, they were able to report the following to us:

Liu Shufen and Zhang Dezhen were being tortured together. Liu Shufen was the only witness to Zhang Dezhen's death. At that time, Liu Shufen was beaten until she lost her consciousness. The guards deliberately sent her for brain surgery, saying that something must be wrong with her brain and forcibly carried her out of her cell. According to several Falun Dafa practitioners who witnessed the scene, she was breathing normally and her body temperature was also normal. She had just temporarily lost consciousness due to the beating. Liu Shufen died as a result of the surgery. The evil forces pretended that she died of stroke. She had no history of high blood pressure, and was very healthy due to her cultivation practice. It is obvious that the evil guards killed an inconvenient witness.

After Liu Shufen and Zhang Dezhen had been tortured to death, police went to their relatives' homes and took away all of their photos. They are very afraid that their crimes will be exposed. Minghui net, please expose these facts, and provide these facts to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong as evidence.

Reference phone numbers, area code: 0539.

Mengyin County "610 Office:" 86-539-4275166
Mengyin Detention Center: 86-539-4271023
Linyi City "610 Office:" 86-539-8102327
Director of Linyi City "610 Office:" 86-539-8102326
Office of Mengyin County Police Station: 86-539-4276426
Management Team of Mengyin County Police Station: 86-539-4271021

Vice Squad (Yunmeng Road): 86-539-4276880
Vice Squad of Mengyin County Police Station: 86-539-4278800
No. 6 Middle Team of Vice Squad of Mengyin County Police Station: 86-539-4273200
Mengyin CCP Committee Office: 86-539-4270044/4271044/4271631
Office Chair of Mengyin CCP Committee: 86-539- 4271481/4271992/4272991
Secretary in Chief Office of Mengyin CCP Committee: 86-539- 4272068/4272218/4272946
Mengyin County Political and Juristic Committee Office: 86-539- 4271456
Secretary of Mengyin County Political and Juristic Committee Office: 86-539- 4272923
Mengyin County Government Office: 86-539- 4270662/4271046/4271629/4276001/4279129
Chair of Mengyin County Government Office: 86-539- 4271894
Mengyin County Commissioner's Office : 86-539- 4271449/4271673/4271689/4271690/4271691/4272687/4272692/4275127