(Clearwisdom.net) One late September night in 2002, the local police came and knocked frantically on our door. At that moment, there were two male and two female Falun Gong practitioners including myself in my apartment. At first we were at a loss about what to do, but then we remembered that we should stay cool with righteous thoughts and upright actions. After sitting down to send forth righteous thoughts, we calmed down. We saw that the evil was really very trivial and our divine bodies became very large. In an instant, our Gong went out to vaporize the evil elements in other dimensions (time-spaces). Meanwhile, the police tried to smash and pry open my apartment door, however, the door was so solidly shut, as if made of iron and diamond, that they had no way of opening it. Finally they gave up and retreated.

By looking through the peephole, we knew that there was a chance for us to escape. Knowing that the evil was not entitled to persecute us, we were calm. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts, while asking Master to strengthen us. The two male practitioners left through the side door from the second floor. We, the two female practitioners, decided to go out in a noble and dignified way through the front door. By that time, all the policemen were waiting at the front yard of the apartment building. Talking and smiling, the two of us walked through the watchful eyes of two policemen. At that time, police and plain-clothed police occupied the entire yard.

When the two male practitioners passed by the other end of the alley, they heard the police briefing, "No problem. We have sent out the whole branch of police personnel to this building. We've got two captains leading the surrounding of the practitioners and we will surely catch them soon." Later the police broke into our apartment and found nobody in the house. They were terribly surprised and could not imagine how we did it.

One week later, I thought that some Dafa books and Master's portrait were still left in the apartment, so I decided to go back and pick them up. As I was walking on my way there, I continued to send forth righteous thoughts. My mind was as still as smooth water, only focusing on the thought that the books and portrait must not fall into evil's hand. I entered the building's front yard and saw two white vans (police surveillance vehicles). At that moment the only thing on my mind was that nothing should stop my righteous thought and righteous act. Then I went to my apartment and opened the door to see my home ransacked and in a messy state. I did not see the books or the portrait and figured out that the items may have been picked up by the two male practitioners. Thus with some personal belongings such as clothes, I left.

A few days later, I went back again for my winter clothing. The two white vans were still parked in the building front yard with one young guy cleaning the vehicle. My mind was not disturbed and I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. I quietly opened my apartment and saw some change in the bed. Obviously someone had used it to sleep in. The room was still messy so I cleaned it up a little bit and packed a bag of clothes. As I was leaving, I heard a few men coming up to the second floor. I quickly hid myself somewhere outside the room and left after the men went into my apartment.

Later we learned that policemen stayed there on surveillance for two months.

They left after the lease expired. We are wondering what the police think when they see that we practitioners have safely passed by them three times!