The day before yesterday, I met up with Mr. Zheng, whom I hadn't seen for many years. While chatting, we happened to talk about China's persecution of Falun Gong and Mr. Li Chenchang, the chairman of the "Spanish Overseas Chinese Anti-Evil Religion Organization," who died suddenly from brain cancer recently.

Mr. Zheng said, "Speaking of Mr. Li Chenchang's death reminds me of an event that happened when I was a child. That event stirred the whole county, and it still remains a mystery for me even now.

"At the time, I was 13 or 14 years old. The Party was spreading propaganda against what it termed 'exploding superstition.' In our school, a girl who was one grade higher than me took other students to a famous local temple. Seniors said the Buddha statues in the temple were effective, so people came to the temple to worship and burn incense devoutly. When the girl arrived inside the temple, she smashed the Buddha statues with a pickaxe. Everyone was shocked. Although I was a kid, I was afraid and shivering. I heard the adults murmuring, "How sinful! How sinful!"

"Unexpectedly, a week later, the girl died suddenly in front of her own front door. It was said that an autopsy didn't find anything. Although no one told me anything, I felt her sudden death had something to do with her smashing Buddha statues.

"I don't know what you Falun Gong practitioners think, but I think Mr. Li Chenchang's death has some relation with his founding of that organization. I'm very familiar with Li. We were enemies in China, but we became friends in Spain. He was in very good health. I met him just before he returned to China. Since both of us were busy, we didn't talk too much, but we promised to meet and have a good talk after his return from China. I wanted to persuade him give up trying to start that organization. Falun Gong is doing nothing wrong. Why did he object to them? It is a great pity that I didn't get a chance to say that before he passed away.

"I don't believe in Buddha and God, but maybe it is because of the Party's atheistic education for so many years, but I nevertheless respect Buddha and God. I put the Falun Gong book you sent to me in 1997 on my bookshelf with respect. The sudden death of Mr. Li is an second inextricable enigma. The first enigma is that girl I just told you about. I feel their sudden deaths are related to their slander of Buddha. What do you think?"

I said, "You've realized the truth. It is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded and evil provokes karmic retribution. Slandering Buddha is a prodigious crime. You say you don't believe in Buddha, but in your heart you believe that slandering Buddha will bring about retribution. Which is the real you? In fact, from the bottom of your heart, you believe it, but maybe you are unwilling to admit because of so many years of atheistic education. Buddha and Gods are real. It's just that people live in a maze and don't believe what they cannot see. Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe, and is solemn and holy. Anybody who slanders it won't have a good life."

After pondering for a while, Mr. Zheng said: "I should really think about Buddha and God."


Regarding Li Chenchang, Chairman of the "Spanish Overseas Chinese Anti- Evil Religion Organization"

On Nov 15, 2002, Li Chenchang presided and founded the so-called "Spanish Overseas Chinese Anti-Evil Religion Organization" and did his utmost to slander Falun Dafa.

After a week, Li was suddenly hospitalized. Prior to this time, Li was very healthy and had been a personal bodyguard. He returned to China after he left the hospital. He died suddenly from an attack of brain cancer less than two months after he set up his organization.

Feb 10, 2003