The policemen of the Hewan Forced Labor Camp, specifically Zhang Yi and Gao Jun'an, are extremely fierce in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. To force practitioners to renounce Falun Gong, the policemen selected five rough criminals, who knew martial arts, to torture practitioners. The criminals were Cai Bing, Yin Shaogang, Li Qizhong, Yang Wei and Peng Zhiwei. The police's slogan is: "As long as they are still breathing [referring to practitioners], the criminals can do whatever they want to torture them. But they should leave little or no trace on the surface of practitioners' bodies." The police also told the criminals that the amount of jail time on their sentences would be reduced depending on how hard they tortured practitioners.

Criminal Cai Wu is a tall, rough man. He beat practitioners much harder and more frequently than others. His term was reduced by 60 days after he tortured practitioners for one hundred days. The determined practitioners were the targets of torture. Five of the criminals ganged up on a practitioner, punching, kicking and slapping practitioners' faces repeatedly. When the practitioner fell to the ground and fainted from the beating, they pulled him up and put him under 24-hour physical punishment. Such torture went on day and night.

Some practitioners were tortured several times per day; some suffered more than one hundred heavy lashes a day. Practitioner Wang Jun was subjected to over two hours of beating and slapping every day. Criminal Li Zhongqi said, "However intense is your pain, so too is my pleasure. I love torturing you each day."

Five criminals fiercely beat up practitioner Zhou Pei several times in one day, severely injuring him. Even coughing lightly caused pain all over.

Elderly practitioner Zhu Bangfu is sixty years old. He was forced into the corner of a room and not allowed to move. The criminals kicked him hard in the chest three times, very forcefully. He was immediately unable to breathe; the painful, suffocating feeling almost killed him. He struggled desperately to regain his breath and pulled himself away from the edge of death. He had been beat up by five criminals had fainted, landing on the ground. Yin Shaogang then forcefully kicked Zhu in his lower back, which injured his spleen. Zhu was unable to walk for several months after the beating.

On October 15, 2001, Policeman Gao Junan beat Zhu, dragged him across the floor by pulling his ear, handcuffed him, threatened him with an electric baton, and forced Zhu to strip, then pour cold water on himself. Afterwards, Zhu was forced to sit on the cold cement in only his underpants. Policeman Gao kept the door open and froze Zhu with cold wind, and also starved him. Zhu's body was shaking from the torture. Cold, starved, and seriously wounded, Zhu was tortured until he nearly died.

Physical punishment: After being forced to get up at 4 a.m., the practitioners suffered from brutal beatings and other physical forms of torture until 3:30 a.m. the following day. All determined practitioners were subjected to cruel beatings and torture. Practitioners were forced to sit on a concrete floor with their two feet together and both legs pressed against the body. They must sit straight upright with hands placed on either side of but not touching the feet. In another instance the practitioners' heads were pushed up against a wall, while they were standing three and half feet away. Also their heads were pushed up against bed frames. Another method was to force a practitioner to squat down on one foot with the other foot and both hands touching the wall. They were also hung up on the bed frame with both feet off the ground. Whenever a practitioner's posture did not meet the criminals' requirements, he would be subjected to a beating. Some punishments are difficult to describe.

During a severe winter storm, with strong winds and a heavy snowfall, the perpetrators kept the windows open and forced practitioners to stand naked while cold water was poured over them. One criminal monitored one practitioner. The practitioner was forced to take this torture for at least 15 minutes. This torture was extremely difficult to endure for the 60-year-old, elderly practitioners. After the torture, they shook all over. Practitioners were humiliated by being forced to mimic animals' crying, such as hens, birds, goats, and cows. In addition, they were forced to pose in all kind of demeaning, animal-like postures. The perpetrators forced practitioners to stand in front of a window and continue shouting loudly for a long time. Practitioner Peng Weidong had diarrhea and needed to use restroom. Cai Bing refused to allow this. In order to change their clothes or even scratch an itch they needed permission first. Practitioners were forced to look straight ahead and were not allowed to close their eyes. If a practitioner's eyes were closed, they would say he was reciting Teacher's articles, so they beat him.

The record of brutality at Hewan Forced Labor Camp is far beyond what a piece of paper can carry. The policeman Zhang Yi said, "I have 120% confidence in reforming Falun Gong practitioners. No one can survive in my hands." But, we seriously warn these vicious policemen that, in front of practitioners' determined and righteous thoughts, your so-called confidence is nothing.

February 16, 2003