I have learned that the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" (WOIPFLG) was recently formed, and that its purpose is to let the world learn the true situation, and to bring the murderers to justice. In this article, I have recorded my personal experience in a Forced Labor Camp, and some details of how the corrupt police persecute the practitioners of Falun Gong. These are only a few examples of what goes on.

Since the persecution of Dafa practitioners began on July 20, 1999, the No. 2 Team of the Labor Camp in Jinzhou City has never let up in its suppression of the practitioners. They have used all sorts of methods, such as lying, putting pressure on the practitioners, and using material gains as bait. After being brainwashed, some practitioners became accomplices to the police officers in their conspiracy against their fellow practitioners. As for the more determined practitioners such as Yan Li, Shi Zhongyan, Liu Yongsheng, etc., the camp officers applied physical tortures to them. They were locked up in "small cells" (torture chambers), flogged, kept awake around the clock, and constantly abused. They applied brainwashing, audio and video records containing materials slandering Dafa on them as well. Nevertheless, through their strong faith, the practitioners have repeatedly exposed the evil intentions of the camp officers and stopped them from committing further crimes.

Ever since October 2002, the police have stepped up the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners using new techniques. They were personally supervised by the four Heads of the Labor Camp, namely, the Executive Zhang Haiping, the Camp In-charge Jin Fuli, Section In-charge Chen Ligang, and the No. 2 Team Leader Han Lihua. Physical torture and brainwashing were the two common demoralizing techniques applied. Sometimes, a practitioner would be handcuffed, forced to wear a hardhat and left in an office corner jammed behind a heavy desk. He would be watched round the clock by two police officers and one convict, on shift every three hours, to make sure that they did not fall asleep. (To entice the officers to work the extra hours, the Camp paid them overtime, and gave them an extra bonus, and a meal allowance. As for the convicts, they were given a reduction of their sentence when they carried out the extra duty). Not only were the practitioners not allowed to sleep or sit down, they were forced to watch video propaganda against Falun Dafa. If anyone was found with their eyes closed, head dropped, or resisted in any way, he would be bashed on the head with a wooden stick, or shocked with an electric baton on the head, face, abdomen, groin and other sensitive areas. A few practitioners were immobilized by being chained to steel chairs for a day or longer.

The following practitioners were badly tortured and were greatly impaired physically and mentally: Wang Yuquan, Tao Meng, Fang Zhi, Zhang Baoshi, Cai Yubo, Liu Changping, Liu Yongsheng, Shi Zhongyan, Liu Cheng, Qiu Wentao, Huo Yinshan, Cao Lihong, Shi Baodong, Li Yong, Wang Lixin, etc.

Among them, some had been continually tortured for over a month. Some were not allowed to sleep for five days and others were sent to "small cells" where they were badly treated. Liu Yongsheng was beaten so badly that he was rushed to the hospital. Many of them still carry wounds and scars that haven't healed yet.

Other practitioners that were being tortured include: Na Quanjie, Tong Xin, Yin Qun, Li Hanbao, Wang Chaozhi, He Shangqin, Zhao Bofeng, Zuo Zhongyou, Zhang Yu'an, Shi Changqing, Zhang Pengyun, Feng Yungang, Hu Fengkui, Wang Zhoushan, Wang Guiling, Zhang Xudong, Liang Gang, Guo Zhongmin, Guo Wei, Wang Liguo, etc. They are still being brainwashed at the Labor Camp, Jinzhou city. We would like to appeal to all the kindhearted people for your support.

The police officers who directly took part in beating the people include: Instructor Feng Zibin, Team Leader Li Songtao, Zhang Jiabin, Yang Tinglun, Wang Jianguo, Zhang Chunfeng, Cai Yongjie, etc.

Others who took part in the persecution and beating of practitioners include Wang Li, Shen Chuang, You Tie, Su Yunjin, Meng Fanyong, Shen Yuqing, Li Zhongxin, etc.

No. 2 Team members on duty include Zhao Yongli, Mu Jinsheng, Mu Huaisheng, Han Jianjun, and Kang Yongxin. Everyone listed above was involved in the persecution to varying degrees.

Telephone Contact for No. 2 Team: 86-416-4566682