During the Chinese New Year in 1996, one of my relatives told me that she practiced Falun Gong. I was very curious. In October 1996, I was able to borrow a few Falun Gong books. I read them with great eagerness. In those days, except when I went to school, the books were with me all the time. Dafa books to me are so precious. Wherever I went, I carried them with me.

Later on, a classmate invited me to go to the school's practice site to do the exercises in the morning. In late fall, 6 o'clock in the morning was quite cold in Beijing, and I wasn't in good shape at that time. It seemed I always had a fever for no reason, and medication didn't work for me. When I first went to the practice site, I was still had a fever and I was afraid that it would get worse for staying outside in the cold weather. However, after I finished the full set of exercises, my fever stopped unnoticed. I felt that my whole body became light. It was just amazing. I can't use any other words to describe what happened to me. On the following day, I returned to the practice site, and I have not had a fever since .

In 1999, there were cases of practitioners being harassed from different areas in Mainland China, I still studied the Fa and did the exercises. Many people went to appeal to the government due to what happened in Tianjin. I didn't know what happened, so I didn't go out to appeal. Later on, TV stations suddenly defamed and criticized Falun Gong on a large scale. My boss spoke to me and asked me to hand in my Falun Gong books. Through our conversation, instead, I made him realize that Falun Gong was good, as well as the principles of being a good person. My boss found that what I said made sense. As to handing in the books, it was truly impossible for me, even though I was threatened with the words:" There is a deadline for handing in all the books. If you don't hand them in on time, there will be consequences." However, I made up my mind firmly that my books would never be given to them. And they didn't ask me to hand in books again. Even though there were many people being sent to the brainwashing classes, under either intentional or unintentional protection from my boss, nobody checked up on me for two years.

After the persons in charge of the assistance center were arrested, my contact with fellow practitioners almost stopped. To my surprise however, with the guidance of Master's law body, I founded a Dafa material center. From Master's articles, I gradually gained the understanding that it was irresponsible of me to "study the Fa secretly."

So I began to clarify the truth under all kinds of circumstances, printing truth-clarification materials, and sending them out. I started from clarifying the truth to my coworkers and family so as to improve my own environment, and got their consent and support, so that we all got along with each other very well.

Before the 16th Party Congress was held, there was a confidential order passed on from Beijing that all work units were to have every single Falun Gong practitioner employee who has been listed to make a declaration. Those who did not, who were steadfast in the Fa, would be sent to a brainwashing class. Whoever still didn't yield within ten days would be sent to a forced labor camp. One day, I received a phone call from my work unit asking me to go some place to have a meeting, and I was told that I must go. So I asked what kind of meeting it was, and they didn't tell me. I figured out what was going on, so I wrote a letter to my family, in the letter, I explained to them the reason why I made such a choice (going to the brainwashing class). At the same time, I also denied all old forces' arrangements. The excuse that the old forces use to make their arrangements is to test practitioners. However, how can a being that needs to be saved by Dafa deserve to test Dafa practitioners? Master doesn't accept it, neither do we practitioners. I decided to go to the brainwashing class to clean up its evil factors.

On that day, I woke up at four o'clock in the morning. I sent forth righteous thoughts. When I let go of my attachment to life and death, I saw myself turning into a golden Buddha statue, sending out pure golden rays. Those rays broke dark, dense haze, and wherever the rays reached, the darkness disappeared immediately. Countless rays are just like innumerable sharp swords. In no time, golden rays covered the heaven and the earth.

So I ended up in the brainwashing class. In the meeting, almost all the practitioners refused them justly by saying that their thoughts cannot be changed by force. They used all kinds of means such as detention, coercion, and faked kindness, etc, but none of them worked out. They spent lots of effort, energy, much money, etc. There were disagreements amongst managers at different levels: "we lack money in production, however, you spent that much on organizing this kind of class." Senior specialists and experts who received credit for their contributions to the country all became the objects of brainwashing sessions. Even though some are over 70 years old, for their beliefs, they would rather become homeless than accept this so-called transformation. There was a Dafa practitioner over 70 years old who was forced to be homeless to avoid arrest. He was recognized and chased by the police. The police car ran him over and he died.

When the meeting was over, everyone was asked to write down his or her declaration. The manager from our work unit forgot to bring in the letters of declaration, so that we didn't sign any declaration and just went home. After a few days, my manager brought letters of declaration to get our signatures, I refused, and talked with my manager for a while, in the end, we came to an understanding that the management knew that Falun Gong was good, however, there was a policy in place, so whoever was steadfast would have to go to a certain place "to carry out further discussion with other people about Falun Gong", which is a euphemism for brainwashing classes.

After finishing this conversation with my manager, I left my company, and I also left them with a letter. I have been to many different places. They went to my relative's home, and they couldn't find me, so they just gave up.

Under the benevolent guidance of Master's law body, I was finally able to break through the Internet blockade so that I could browse the Minghui website. It helps me a lot by reading other practitioners' experience sharing articles and reflections. So that I began to set up a small-size material center, pass on many truth-clarification materials and information about Dafa spreading widely overseas to many people who didn't know the truth. However, I feel it is quite a pity that only a portion of residential areas can be reached being restricted by the quantity of materials.

My family Members Obtain the Fa

My husband had been an onlooker on my path of studying the Fa and validating the Fa. He went from threatening me in the early days by saying, "if you don't give up, I will divorce you", to tacitly consenting to my doing the exercises. Later, he began to gradually understand and support Dafa. Nowadays, he is a diligent practitioner. At the very beginning, he didn't believe in Falun Gong. He was obsessed with making money, playing computer games and watching TV. Later, sometimes his neck would hurt (it is a computer related malady ). He started following me in doing the exercises, but he still didn't believe in it. However, sometimes he said to me: "I always see many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on my forehead, but I don't believe what I see." Later, his main consciousness traveled to another dimension when he was doing the exercises, but he still doubted it. One day, after he finished doing the exercises, he all of a sudden realized something and said: " I finally understand so many theories and so many things that were passed. I also realized what kind of barrier there was for me in the past, making me not believe in it. As a matter of fact, superficially I said I don't believe and it is just an exercise. It was many ordinary people's things that held me back. I didn't dare live up to the standards in the book." From then on, he studied the Fa, did the exercises, and worked really hard. He was like a completely different person, that I was not a match for him. Now both of us study the Fa together, do the exercises everyday, and clarify the truth to people.

The Fa rectification is fast approaching the human world. Sending forth righteous thought helps clean up so many evils from other dimensions, making it much easier for people to acknowledge the truth. There are more and more people willing to study Dafa. My father went from initially being an atheist, to one willing to cultivate Falun Gong. Nowadays, he always reads the Falun Gong book that I left for him. He used to be unwell physically, however now he seldom has any illness or misfortune.