I was kidnapped in late April 2001, and sent to Longshan Labor Camp, where I was illegally detained for one year. There, I witnessed in person the brutal persecution of Dafa disciples. One can understand a lot about what practitioners endure by looking at the dining conditions there.

The sanitary conditions there are very bad. Originally the food was prepared by prisoners whose clothes and bodies were filthy. Their hands were caked with dirt. Plus, the water in the cistern, when there was any, was yellowish and was disgustingly dirty. One morning, I received a bun for breakfast. I took a bite, and found it bitter and sticky. Apparently the flour had spoiled, and it was undercooked as well. I went to the guards to demand that they maintain at least basic living conditions. Dafa disciples are not prisoners, and we need to oppose any form of persecution against us.

In the summer, many people had diarrhea. There was a medical doctor, Ms. Li, among the detained practitioners, who knew the diarrhea was caused by unsanitary food preparation. She went to talk with the police. The discussion went on until 2 o'clock in the morning. Eventually the police agreed to use Falun Gong practitioners as cooks. After that, we were we able to have some decently prepared food.

From this I realized that, we should not agree with evil's persecution of us. Instead we should walk our cultivation path according to the Fa. I also saw that even now the police are still kidnapping practitioners every day, and they are still persecuting us. We need to ask ourselves: do we have omissions that the evil is taking advantage of? Have we used righteous thoughts and righteous actions to completely oppose the evil's arrangements?

Let me give an example: we have a fellow practitioner in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, who did quite well. After being kidnapped, she was detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for 15 months, during which she remained very determined despite the severe persecution she experienced. She did very well, and did not provide information about anyone, nor about any truth-clarification material sites. Seeing her righteous behavior, the evil could not do anything but release her. After she returned, she worked very hard on making truth-clarification materials. However, many of our practitioners "admired" her very much, and practitioners in several material-making sites treated her as someone special. Because of this, many of her human notions arose. Later, she was kidnapped again, and this time several material-making sites as well as many Dafa disciples were harmed. Let us think about it: if we have no attachment or loopholes, how could the old forces find excuses to persecute us? If we are unable to completely oppose the old forces' arrangements, aren't we acting according to the old forces' arrangements? Therefore, we have to understand the Fa on the basis of the Fa, and walk our path well. I realize that as each day passes by, we need to look back and check if we have omissions. This is not trivial.

January 9, 2003