Today I read an article by a practitioner, With Fa-Rectification Having Come to the Present Stage, We Cannot Allow History to Repeat Itself, in which the author talked about such an issue: ".... Although those who were persecuted to death by evil reached Consummation as allowed by Teacher, it is not in the form of Consummation that Dafa and Teacher require us to be; in other words, it doesn't conform to the Fa." Some practitioners have different thoughts on this topic. I'd like to talk about this phenomenon with regard to the principles of the Fa, for it concerns how to deny the old forces more completely.

Nothing in this Fa-rectification period happens without a reason. As Dafa disciples, we should face the issue clear-mindedly. In Lecture at the Conference in Singapore, Teacher once answered the following question:

"Question: If a person who appeared to be genuinely practicing Falun Dafa suddenly died from a car accident, could he be viewed as a demon?

"Teacher: I'm not going to talk about that specific incident; I won't answer your question directly. Birth, aging, sickness, and death exist the way they do in human society. During the present time period, you can't tell from the surface whether a person is a cultivator, or whether a person can reach Consummation. I just said that people's hearts are constantly tested when faced with critical matters. When someone dies while practicing, you're tested to see what you'll do. Perhaps that person reached Consummation, or maybe he was a demon. Nothing happens in isolation. All of these things are used to test students' hearts to see if you can still come through at crucial moments. There are people who've sacrificed for this. They reached the realm of Consummation, and created an opportunity like this for other students. There are such cases, but in principle I disapprove of those. Then again, there are also ones that have come to cause damage. They interfere with you precisely that way, striking you at a critical moment. Nonetheless, we make use of them to test people's hearts. We make use of them to test people's hearts at crucial moments and to see whether all of you can still cultivate. Cultivation is extremely serious."

Though this lecture is from a peaceful period before the persecution, the great event, Fa-rectification, is an unbroken process. My personal understanding of what Teacher mentioned in the sentence "There are people who've sacrificed for this" is just that they sacrificed for this Fa-rectification, the most important event in the cosmos. The old forces have been taking various kinds of "tests" (disruption as a matter of fact) on the Fa since Teacher formally started to propagate it, and in these days they have become extremely insane in doing that. In fact, the occurrence of a lot of phenomena, such as sudden death of a practitioner, the death of a practitioner due to the persecution, etc., is an arrangement of the old forces and, therefore, doesn't conform to the requirements of Fa-rectification at all. Teacher said: "There are such cases, but in principle I disapprove of those." This point out clearly pointed that it doesn't conform to the requirements by the principles of the Fa.

However, such a phenomenon as "being persecuted to death" did happen. Though it was caused partly by the evil persecution, a more important issue is that some practitioners did not have a deep understanding of the Fa principles, nor did they possess strong righteous thoughts. It is indeed very hard and requires very pure, firm righteous thoughts for a person to break through the arrangements of the old forces. In Fa-rectification, some practitioners involuntarily thought of giving up the human body to end the suffering when they were unable to endure the persecution they were receiving. They felt that they were very steadfast all the time and never yielded to the evil, so they could reach Consummation too. Seemingly such a thought doesn't violate the Fa, but it might come from the old forces' external arrangements, not their own wishes. Just because they didn't have adequately strong righteous thoughts, the evil old forces were able to come into play. In fact, low level evil beings try and persecute Dafa disciples by any means they can think of, hoping to kill all the disciples completely, but Teacher and Dafa principles don't allow them, and the old principles of the cosmos restrict them, too. However, if you choose to give up the human body of your own, will it just provide them the excuse to aggravate the persecution and let them achieve what they want?

Dafa disciples are able to put down the attachment of human life because they have seen though life and death in the human world and have been able to take a momentary painful trial like this lightly. However, the lives of Dafa disciples should be used to validate the Fa and should never be allowed to be taken away by the old forces in the middle of the Fa-rectification. "...with the master and the Fa here what is there to fear?" (Lecture in Sydney) If a Dafa disciple has firm righteous thoughts under harsh persecution, firmly believes in Dafa and Teacher, and determinedly eliminates evil with righteous thoughts, the evil old forces will not dare to deprive him of the human body, because they clearly see from other dimensions that he would die as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple and would not fall down to the lower levels, even if he were killed by evil. Since they can't achieve their purpose to make him drop to the lower levels with the excuse to test him by harsh trials, they will have to give up the attempt eventually. If they keep on doing this and, meanwhile, the disciple is so determined, many righteous Gods will not let them act wildly in defiance of the cosmic principles. It is absolutely impossible.

Teacher told us:

"...if our righteous thoughts are very strong, then we're in line with a law in the cosmos, and this law holds in both the old cosmos and the new one: a being's choice is up to him, even if he made some kind of vow in history. At critical moments it's still up to him what he wants to do." (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, USA)

"If in this scenario the evil still persecutes you, then Master will show no leniency. Master has countless Law Bodies, and on top of this, there are countless righteous Gods helping me do things, and they will directly eliminate the evil, too." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

If all Dafa disciples are able to look at things from the Fa's perspective, then such a phenomenon as "being persecuted to death," which shouldn't have happened in Fa-rectification, will disappear under the powerful effect of our righteous thoughts.