(Clearwisdom.net) While sending forth righteous thoughts today, I discovered that my gong [energy] was not in any way separated from the gong of other practitioners. Our spatial fields were totally merged together, like a pool of clear, transparent water. Furthermore, the remnants of evil had no place to hide. They could be found immediately and destroyed.

Looking deeper, I felt that previously I had only understood the meaning of the phrase "whole entity" superficially. However, as a gigantic Falun spins at high velocity, there can be seen a myriad of universes, with countless sentient beings, within the gigantic Falun. Within that Falun there are also continuously spinning small Faluns. This wonderful, remarkable, and magnificent scene cannot be expressed adequately using ordinary language.

Coming out of tranquility, I carefully thought for a while and very quickly understood that the "whole entity" that we originally talked about was a shallow understanding. We talked about how we can reduce the persecution, do our Fa-rectification work well, and save all sentient beings. Those are excellent goals, but "whole entity" has a much deeper meaning. We cannot confine what we understand about the entire entity to our human dimension. Otherwise, when being confronted and dealing with problems, we are still not capable of completely detaching from ourselves and our individual concepts.

We have all come from different levels of the celestial bodies in the cosmos and are all life forms originating from the various levels of Dafa. Conversely, our lives must completely conform to Dafa, only then can we exist in those levels. We have to reflect on the special qualities of the "Fa" simultaneously at those levels as our Teacher said: "The Dafa of the universe (the Buddha Fa) is coherent and complete, ..." ("Cultivation and Work" from Falun Dafa Essentials For Further Advancement). Lives from the most macroscopic to the most microscopic, from the furthest to the closest, must all link together without any resistance, revolve together, and become a whole entity. Is that not an element of giving expression to being in harmony within Dafa? Is this not in itself harmonizing with Dafa and making it an eternal condition that Dafa is impenetrably unified? What an important task this is!

This article is my current understanding for your reference. Please kindly point out any inadequacies with compassion. Let us all take the Fa as the teacher.