(Clearwisdom.net) At this time of the Chinese New Year, we first express our greetings to fellow practitioners and wish you a happy Spring Festival!

After being in jail for over two years, we miss you very much. We all have parents and brothers and sisters. We have our own lovely sons and daughters and families. We also have our work. We are good mothers, sisters, and daughters. We respect the elders and care for the young. We take good care of our parents. In our work places we were highly regarded.

Before July 20, 1999, many people in the cities and counties of the Zhoukou region practiced Falun Gong. In Huai County alone, over 30,000 people practiced Falun Gong. There were practice sites in every village, and practitioners were diligent in studying the Fa. Zhuan Falun allowed us to discover the truth of the universe, to realize that "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance) is the essential characteristic of the universe, and to know that the Dafa is profound, extensive, and supernatural. We know that the process of cultivation is a process of getting rid of our attachments, of cultivating our moral nature, and of looking inward to evaluate ourselves. The boundless principles broadened our minds and purified our xinxing [mind nature; moral character]. Applying "Zhen-Shan-Ren" in our daily lives causes morality to return and elevates society, making it more stable. At that time people said, "Falun Gong is really good." Leaders from all levels of government in the Zhoukou region actively supported and participated in studying and practicing Falun Gong. City leaders in fields such as public security, education, and manufacturing all knew that Zhuan Falun is a good book that teaches people how to be good, that it is the truth of the universe, capable of elevating the morality of human nature so that it can return to its origin. Many leaders had read the book and practiced the exercises, saying that the movements were easy to learn and, once you practiced them, the whole body was light and comfortable and illnesses would disappear. In some areas at that time, the city government, schools, factories, and unions provided spaces with TV's and VCR's for people to learn and practice Falun Gong. We Dafa disciples thank you. You have made positive contributions to Falun Gong. Dafa disciples regard the Fa as their teacher and are strict with themselves with regard to "Zhen-Shan-Ren," cultivating their moral nature and thinking first of others without pursuing fame and personal gain. We only want to be good people. Power and status are attachments we should not pursue. In fact, we pursue nothing. We strive to be good people, to do good deeds, to cultivate ourselves, and to raise the morality of the entire Zhoukou region.


(1) A Dafa disciple operated his own store east of Jiaotong Road in the Zhoukou region. In front of his store he found 10,000 Yuan in cash. After an extensive search, he finally located the owner and returned his money. Both the owner and neighbors praised him.

(2) A practitioner named Yang ran a family business in electrical appliances on the Zhouzhou Road in Zhoukou City. Returning from Zhengzhou to pick up TV sets at wholesale, he discovered that the factory had given him several more color TV sets than he had paid for. He took them back to the factory right away. The factory applauded his honesty.

(3) Falun Gong took the lead in assisting with social projects. As long as the effort was for the good of society, they would help out, as in the following instances:

At the end of 2000, a sanitation evaluation by the Cultural Bureau in Zhoukou City targeted four avenues where the streets and houses were dirty and unkempt. With the assistance and cooperation of over ten Falun Gong practitioners who lived on both sides of the road, the Cultural Bureau was officially recognized as an award-winning model.

Every year when it was time to submit to the state the grains produced and money made on land loaned to farmers by the state authority, Dafa disciples in all the villages actively took the lead in submitting the best and most valuable grains, which was commended by their leaders and related units.

Huang, the dean of a technical college in Huanyang as well as a practitioner, donated tens of thousand Yuan toward social welfare. He did countless good deeds anonymously.

Dafa disciples did all these things from the bottoms their hearts.

(4) Tens of thousands of Dafa disciples eliminated their illnesses through Falun Dafa, a practice for both body and mind. Many people began practicing Falun Dafa because of serious health concerns. For example, a man suffered from a severe problem on his back for nearly 40 years, and his body constantly in pain. All kinds of treatments had been in vain. After he began to practice Dafa, however, his back straightened out, with no further problems.

(5) An employee of the Cultural Bureau in Zhoukou City was afflicted with 13 different medical conditions. Because her medical treatments had been ineffective, and she suffered so much from her illnesses, she had lost the courage to live. In her despair, she found Falun Gong. Inspired by "Zhen-Shan-Ren" and with the aid of the five exercises, within two weeks her illnesses miraculously disappeared. Before, she was burdened by medical bills. Since November 1995, she has not spent another penny on medical treatments. She became healthy and relaxed and was commended by her workplace.

(6) A female student had hepatitis B and could not go to school for a long time. After practicing Dafa, her hepatitis was cured, and she was able to return to her classes. She was strict with herself in cultivating her xinxing with "Zhen-Shan-Ren." She got along with her classmates, respected her teachers, and earned second place in her exams. Her teachers applauded her accomplishment.

(7) A Dafa practitioner in a village sold her sheep for 120 Yuan. After she got home, she found that two of the 50-yuan notes she was paid with were phony. Her family members scolded her but intended to use the fake bills at the market anyway. She repeatedly told them, "I am a cultivator and should abide by the standard of Zhen-Shan-Ren. The bills are counterfeit and, even though others cheated me, I should not cheat others. We each have to behave as a good person." Just like that, the fake cash was destroyed. Everyone in her neighborhood said, "Falun Dafa is good. See how it benefited us and our community."

Examples of true cultivation are countless. If everyone practices Falun Gong, morality will improve, and society will become more stable. In the Zhoukou region, leaders of all levels of government supported and advocated it. The leaders have trust and confidence in employees who practiced Falun Gong. People loved and participated in practicing Falun Gong, which has spread and taken root in people's hearts.

After July 20, 1999, Falun Gong was persecuted by the Jiang regime. As Dafa practitioners, we were responsible for speaking out for truth and justice. Speaking out about the facts and protecting Dafa was our mission. Therefore, we went to Beijing and Zhongnanhai to appeal, demanding that the government investigate the situation. We used our experiences to validate that Dafa is the righteous Fa. "Falun Dafa is righteous!" "Falun Dafa is good!" "Return the innocence of Master and Dafa!" "Allow us practice Falun Gong in public!"

Teacher said, "When being treated unfairly, people should be allowed to speak."("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference") Appealing with the facts is a citizen's basic right, but we were persecuted and defamed, and thousands of Dafa disciples were persecuted, beaten up, illegally detained, illegally sentenced, sent to forced labor camps, extorted, and even persecuted to death. Many Dafa disciples were sent to labor camps. The people in power tried to use force to change Dafa disciples' righteous minds. This was useless, but the evil forces did exploit our family members, relatives, and friends, and often it was no longer safe for us to live with them. They were deceived by the propaganda, even to the point that they claimed that we did not value our family or care about others. Was this reasonable? Isn't it true that Falun Gong is welcomed all over the rest of the world?

The following are 8 examples where the evil manipulated police in labor camps to persecute Dafa disciples and poison sentient beings:

1) They defamed and slandered Master, Dafa, and Dafa disciples in TV broadcasts, which were opposed by the people and resisted by Dafa disciples.

2) They did not allow Dafa disciples to study the Fa or to practice the exercises. Dafa disciples persisted in studying the Fa by posting lookouts. Recently, the police have been conducting random searches of practitioners and their beds. Their aim was to keep them from studying the Fa. Once someone was discovered reading Falun Gong material, she or he would have points deducted and their sentences extended. But this could not move Dafa disciples' hearts.

3) Everyday we were forced to perform heavy labor for about 9 hours. We could not take a break at noon and had to return to the team by 6 in the evening. We were forced to work overtime on Sunday; otherwise we would be punished physically.

4) Dafa disciples who refused to participate in the examination containing materials slandering on Falun Dafa were detained overtime. These included Wang Hongxia, Xu Yunfu, Han Guozhen, Jia Sufang. Ding Xiangqin, Su E, Gu Chunhong, and others. Their terms were extended for 3 months anyway.

5) Drug addicts often beat up Dafa disciples at the instigation of police. For example, Hu Tieling (female) was tortured until she was short of breath and dizzy with a bloody nose.

6) Within last year, the Shibalihe Female labor camp was given a rating of "excellent" by Henan Province, so the upper level of government allotted a large sum of money for the construction of two new buildings. The old and derelict labor camp was refurbished. This was the result of their persecuting Falun Dafa disciples.

7) The police used evil means to try to force Dafa disciples to turn against Dafa. Two buildings were used to keep the transformed and steadfast practitioners separate, and regulations forbid their communicating with each other. There was a dividing line in the yard, and anyone who violated this would be punished by having points deducted or their term of detention prolonged. Collaborators were organized to brainwash the newcomers and not allow them to have any contact with other practitioners.

The entire 3rd Brigade was divided into these two groups so that the disciples who persevered in their practice could not help the practitioners who had been deceived. The steadfast Dafa disciples were assigned to work together with criminals in the workplace. The criminals closely monitored their words and behavior to keep them from practicing or studying the Fa.

8) Newly entering Dafa practitioners would be put together with those who had turned against Dafa in a so-called "Newcomers Brigade." They were forced to listen to the lies of the collaborators until they were numb. In addition, the newcomers were not allowed to speak and were confined to their rooms for days at a time. To keep them from knowing the truth about the brigade, even their food was sent in by others.

For those who could not be reformed, the police would move her to the steadfast disciples group, where the criminals would keep strict tabs on her. From time to time they would return some of these women to the "Newcomers Brigade" to bombard her with evil.

Those who believed the lies were not released from their persecution. In the beginning, the evil had promised that once they were transformed, they would be sent back home. But the 3rd Brigade did not shorten their sentences. Instead they were detained for a longer period in order to keep up the transformation percentage. The goal was to let them soak in the evil environment and maximize the labor camp's gain.

For the persistent Dafa disciples, the police continued the persecution by monitoring them like criminals, deducting points, and prolonging terms. In the labor camp, in order to prepare for the uniform examination of the national labor camp systems, several simulation examinations were taken. There were 30 to 40 Dafa disciples who refused to take the examination. Wang Hongxia, who had already served her time, had her stay extended for another 6 months, Xu Yunfu for another 3 months. The police also decreed that if anyone did not take the examination, her term of imprisonment would be prolonged.

For the practitioners whom the police considered influential, more insidious and evil means were employed. Dafa practitioners Zhou Hongying and Chang Xirong both disappeared from the Brigade in the middle of October. No one knew where they were taken. When asked, the police remained silent. It was rumored that they had been sent to forced brainwashing or that they had been forced to stay in a deserted building by themselves so that loneliness would destroy their will. The police also announced that the two women would not be allowed to return if they had not been transformed, and that they would be sent to prison and so on.

All these recent persecutions have been carried out by the leaders of the 3rd Brigade Jiang Meili and Hu Zhaoxia, whose sole duty was to persecute Falun Gong. Their supporter was Superintendent Zhou Xiaohong, who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong.

On November 19, towards the end of a 3 month extension to her term, Su E mentioned her upcoming release to the leader Wang Nan. Wang gave her another 3 months imprisonment for not taking the political examination.

Up to now, there have been few Dafa practitioners eligible for release. The leader Xia Meili has bragged maliciously, "Even if I am chopped into pieces I will continue to persecute you."

Cultivating in Falun Dafa to be a good person is absolutely not wrong. We will persevere in the truth of the universe and believe in the coming of the Fa into the human world. The evil will be eliminated fully.

We appeal to all human rights organizations in the world to pay attention to the situation in Shibalihe Female Labor Camp in Henan Province.

Thank you and Heshi!