On October 15, 2002, as I was delivering Teacher's new article "Righteous Thoughts" and weekly experience-sharing articles downloaded from the Clearwisdom website, I was kidnapped by plainclothes policemen. They had been following me for days. About twenty policemen swarmed in on me and put handcuffs on me. I remained calm and maintained my righteous thoughts the entire time. On the way to the Public Security Bureau, I kept telling them the facts about Falun Dafa. I sincerely wished they would learn the truth about Dafa and would stop being deceived by the vicious lies perpetuated by Jiang's regime.

I was taken to the Public Security Bureau. Immediately after my arrest my apartment was illegally searched. My sixty-year-old mother, my brother's six-year-old and my seven-year-old were all home when the police entered my home. All of them were kidnapped and taken to a brainwashing class. They grabbed my mother, who was wearing slippers, before she could change her shoes or put on a coat. Prior to my arrest, both my father and my brother had been illegally sentenced to one and a half years in forced labor camp for distributing truth-clarification materials. (Both of them are imprisoned in the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing.) They looted my home yet again, after they had already taken many things before. This time, they stole our computer, a printer, some cash, a watch, a cassette player, a camera, and suitcases. They even stole an outfit that my mother had made for my brother to wear, which cost 200-yuan. She was hoping he would be released from the labor camp.

That same evening I was sent to a detention center. I went on a hunger strike immediately. As many as fifteen or sixteen people were detained in my cell. As soon as I entered the cell, a girl came to ask me, "What did you do?" I answered with a smile, "Falun Gong!" Several of them said at the same time, "Hurry, sister, here is a Falun Gong practitioner!" The woman who they referred to as "sister" was a practitioner from the South in her 40s. She had been illegally detained for eight months for validating the Fa in Tiananmen Square and for not telling her name or address. I wrote down Teacher's new scriptures for her, the ones that I could remember by heart, and shared with her the content of Teacher's lecture: "Touring North America to Teach the Fa." The new articles were later passed on to practitioners in other cells. We shared our experiences, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thought together. We felt that we Dafa practitioners are one body at all times. The detention center forced the inmates that were not practitioners to take turns for two-hour duties at night. I told them that I could be on duty from midnight to 2 o'clock in the morning. The girl who had been assigned this shift looked at me with gratitude and said, "I can sleep then!" As Teacher has told us, one should be a good person wherever one goes. Wherever a Falun Dafa practitioner goes, she will bring the goodness of Dafa. I was very happy to find that almost all the inmates could recite the poems in the book Hong Yin. Several of them even studied the Fa and did the exercises with "sister."

The next morning, two policemen came to interrogate me. I didn't speak a single word. The date was the only information they could record. Later on, I was sent to a brainwashing class.

Those who harassed and tried to deceive Falun Dafa practitioners in the brainwashing center were a bunch of shameful collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.] They took turns bombarding me with insane lies. I recited the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts in my heart. None of their words reached my heart. After one week they had not accomplished anything.

After realizing that their attempts to psychologically manipulate and threaten me wouldn't work on me, they began to use more brutal tactics. I was not allowed to sleep or sit down, and was cuffed to a headboard 24 hours a day. Throughout my time I had been looking for opportunities to get out of the demon's lair. I was determined not to passively endure the persecution of myself or of Dafa. I told myself "I must break out! This is not a place I want to stay in!" A chance finally came. One afternoon, the collaborators who were supposed to monitor me had to leave early for some chores at home. Only one of them stayed to watch me. I had a nice chat with her. She let down her guard. I seized the chance and rushed out of the gate of the brainwashing center and took a pedicab [passenger cart driven by manpower] that happened to be there. When I got to a safe place, I made a phone call to a fellow practitioner and eventually joined the current of Fa-rectification once again.

I think every practitioner has a different path of cultivation. When you can truly face your tribulations and the evil force with confidence and calmness, the evil will be melted away by your righteous thoughts. Working together, my fellow practitioners and I continue to download articles from the Clearwisdom website. My fellow practitioners and I have formed a strong Fa-rectification body again. "Who is really the gallant lead in this gigantic play? I made this trip just for the sake of sentient beings." (from Teacher's article "Descending to the Earthly World") Let us, Falun Dafa practitioners, play our roles well!

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. (Note: My mother and kids have been released recently. Please don't worry over them.)

February 9, 2003