We all say that "We don't recognize the old forces' arrangements", but how should we truly "not recognize" them? We need to consider this carefully.

Why shouldn't we recognize the old forces' arrangements? It's because the strong, selfish motive of defending their own interests is behind their arrangements. Their arrangements are bound to fail in achieving the selfless standard of the new cosmos.

When we see their nature clearly, we don't acknowledge them. This kind of "not acknowledging" them is not just a saying; instead, it is "non-recognition" from righteous thoughts and righteous actions of a God. In the Fa of the new cosmos, selfish and stubborn adherence to one's opinion will absolutely not exist; even less likely will there be beings that debase themselves to fulfill their selfish pursuits. Righteous thoughts are required to meet the corresponding requirements of the Fa at different levels. This way the wisdom that permeates a God and omnipotent divine powers can be manifested.

Not acknowledging the old forces' arrangements requires that we jump out of our personal circles, and understand from a higher level of the Fa the reason why we must promptly let go of everything we have that is not in line with the standard of the new cosmos. This is not only to reduce the persecution, but more importantly, to assist Master in rectifying the Fa and giving the universe a wonderful future as soon as possible.

This is only personal my understanding for reference.