Recently, at Nanyang city, Henan province, there was a case where the Xinxiang city police stopped a train to prevent people from going to appeal to the government.

On the night of January 7th, 2003, about 300 people, all victims of a fraudulent fundraising case that had been sponsored by Nanyan Meat Group and supported by the municipal government, were going to Beijing to appeal to the government. They were going to complain about the local government's corruption and to get their money back. Before the train departed, someone reported them to the local government. It was too late for the government officials to stop them, so the government officials contacted the Xinxiang city police, saying there were hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners going to Beijing to appeal, and requested that they be stopped. Immediately, Xinxiang city police station dispatched a large police force to stop the train, and drove all the passengers off the train and into the waiting room. The police were very rude and treated the people as if they were criminals. After checking them one by one, the police found out that they weren't Falun Gong practitioners at all.

The train was delayed for two hours at Xinxiang station. Those who had been defrauded of their money and were planning to go to Beijing to appeal were taken back to Nanyang city in Xinxiang police department vehicles. On their way home, nobody dared to charge them at the toll stations, as they claimed the vehicles were for transporting Falun Gong practitioners. After arriving at Nanyang, four representatives of the defrauded citizens were detained for trial, and the others were released.