January 17, 2003


Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Ziying (over 50 years old) from Nanyang Oil Field in Henan Province, was a nurse in a hospital at Nanyang Oil Field. Near the end of 2001, she was kidnapped by the police and illegally detained at the Nanyang No. 1 Detention Center located in Shangzhuang. She was very weak due to long-term torture. Her blood pressure was very high and her life was in danger. To avoid responsibility, the guards transferred her to the Nanyang No. 2 Detention Center. The No. 2 Detention Center accepts practitioners regardless of their health condition, even if they are near death.

Shi Zhiyong, Dafa practitioner from Nanyang Oil Field, was arrested near the end of 2001. Now he is illegally detained at Nanyang No. 2 Detention Center.

In September 2002, Nanyang City Wancheng District Court secretly held a session to sentence two Dafa practitioners without notifying their families. Practitioners Li Ziying and Shi Zhiyong were shackled together with one pair of handcuffs. Due to long-term detention, Li Ziying was so weak that she fainted and fell down as soon as she got out of the police van. Because the court staff was absent on that day, they failed to open the session. Several days later, Wancheng District Court secretly held a session again. This time they held the court in a room at the No. 2 Detention Center. There was no real need to go to the courtroom, as they simply omitted going through any legal formalities.

The two practitioners, who were very firm in their Dafa practice, denied all accusations, and behaved righteously during the session. Now they are still illegally held in the No. 2 Detention Center.

On June 10 and 11, 2002, the Wancheng District Court secretly held a session and illegally sentenced 12 Dafa practitioners.

Dafa practitioners who were illegally sentenced include: Ding Jianying, Yang Guifan, Kui Yujuan, Lin Yan, and others, totaling ten female and two male practitioners. They were handcuffed and their family members were not notified of the sentencing.

Ding Jianying (female), was kidnapped by the police of Nanyang Wolong District Security Team in July of 2001. The police attempted to extort a confession from her with cruel torture. They interrogated her intensively for eight days. Suffering all kinds of torture, Ding Jianying was still rock-solid firm in Dafa. Later, she was detained at the Nanyang No. 1 Detention Center.

Lin Yan (female), has been illegally detained many times by Nanyang policemen. She was arrested again in October 2001 by the Wolong District Security Team and is now detained at the Nanyang No. 1 Detention Center.

In March 2002, Ding Jianying and Lin Yan were transferred from the Nanyang No. 1 Detention Center to the Dengzhou City Detention Center. Ding Jianying's hands were cuffed behind her back. Later the thugs cuffed her fingers behind her back. This finger cuffing lasted for over 30 hours and the unbearable pain made her wish to die rather than live. She rolled on the floor due to the pain. Lin Yan's hands were cuffed in the front at first, and then later her hands were cuffed behind her back for more than 10 hours. She suffered a lot. One month later, they too were transferred to the Nanyang No. 2 Detention Center and are still illegally detained there now.

Li Shuyin, Ding Jianying's husband, worked at the Nanyang Tobacco Plant. He was forced to leave his job in July 2001 because he practiced Falun Dafa. He was kidnapped by the Wolong District Security Team police. The police confiscated his cell phone and motorcycle, then brutally beat him. With righteous thoughts, Li Shuyin escaped even though his hands were cuffed. In summer 2002, he was kidnapped by the police of Wancheng District Security Team. He is currently detained in Nanyang No.2 Detention Center. The couple's child is now living with his grandfather and grandmother, and the whole family is leading a very poor life because of the persecution.

Ding Jianguo, brother of Ding Jianying, has been to Beijing to validate Dafa. He was arrested while spreading truth-clarifying materials near the end of 2000 and was illegally detained at Nanyang Detention Center. In spring 2001, he was illegally sent to Xuchang City Labor Camp for illegal, forced labor. His wife, Zhang Yanhua, went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa at the end of 2000. After being arrested, she was sent back to Nanyang Detention Center and was illegally detained there for nearly six months. During the period when both the husband and wife were detained, their daughter was only eight months old.

The following are phone numbers of Nanyang police, prosecutors, and courts. Fellow practitioners overseas could call them to clarify the truth, and to save the sentient beings.

Nanyang City People's Prosecutor: 86-377-3136115

Nanyang City Wolong District Prosecutor: (Dial area code 86-377 before the following numbers):

Managers: 3176903 3176907 3176901 3176900 3176955

On-call Office: 3135496

General Office : 3131585

Nanyang Wancheng District Prosecutor: (Dial area code 86-377 before the following numbers)

Chief Prosecutor's office: 3059166

Deputy Prosecutor's office: 3059156, 3059158, 3059159, 3059139

Chief Auditor's office: 3059178

Deputy Party Secretary: 3059176

On-call Office: 3059167

Nanyang City Police Department operator: 86-377-3311110

Wancheng Police Department operator: 86-377-2337991

Chief of Police Department 3238332

Political Chief 3238325

Deputy Chief of Police Department 3267072

Central On-call office 3230110

Secretary Section 3205073

Criminal Event Police Team Leader 3267071

Criminal Event Police Instructor 3267070

Criminal Event Police Huancheng Team 3251001

Train Station Police Department 3151111

Gaoxin Police Department 3290866

Police stations: dial area code (86-377) before following numbers

Jianshelu Police Station 3222164

Xinhua Police Station 3222755

Meixi Police Station 3150139

Dongguan Police Station 3057110

Binhe Police Station 3055900

Huancheng Police Station 3223387

Wolong Police Station 3512762

Qiliyuan Police Station 3222605

Train Station Police Station 3133412

Zaolin Police Station 3127660

Jianxi Police Station 3131506

Jingang Police Station 3551593

Tiexi Police Station 3555100

Beijinglu Police Station 3557860

Bus Station Police Station 3134664

Linye Police Station 3192159

Nanyang City People's Medium Court Office 86-377-3134487

Wolong District People's Court Office 86-377-3295900

Wancheng District People's Court Office 86-377-3059506

Nanyang City Judicial Bureau Office 86-377-3136233

Wolong District Judicial Bureau Office 86-377-3222724

Chief Manager's Office 86-377-3222062

Wancheng District Judicial Bureau Office 86-377-3223240