February 15, 2003


On February 12, a council meeting was held in a library of Menlo Park, where Charles Li resides. This meeting was hosted by a major TV station in San Francisco Bay Area, "ABC7 Listens." The mayor of Menlo Park and other council members were present at the meeting. Anyone who wanted to speak was given 3 minutes to present to the audience what they thought was important and deserved special coverage by ABC.

Several Falun Gong practitioners attended the meeting and one of them spoke. From the beginning to the end, practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts, especially when the practitioner was speaking. The practitioner who spoke from the bottom of her heart gave a very good speech. Within the three minutes, she briefed the audience about the arrest of Charles Li, and also explained what Falun Gong is, the reason for the persecution and how people can help rescue Charles Li.

A person in the audience asked loudly, "They arrested him just because he is a Falun Gong practitioner?" The host of the meeting replied, "Unfortunately, yes. In China, people will be arrested if they practice Falun Gong." He also mentioned a program aired on ABC last Sunday about a Falun Gong practitioner.

Afterwards, practitioners started to collect signatures in the library. People read the fliers and were eager to sign the petitions.

This activity had a good effect on further clarifying the truth to the media, local government officials and the public. When the public learns more about the persecution, they will give us more support.

Two days ago, when we held a Dafa Photo Exhibit and appeal in Menlo Park, an elderly gentleman said, "I did not know that Charles Li practices Falun Gong. You should let everyone know about this. From now on, I will give more of my support to the rescue of Charles Li. In the U.S., people all like Falun Gong!"