(Clearwisdom.net) Several months ago, a German practitioner heard from his friends that a German seminar for human energy studies would be held in Darmstadt City in central Germany. After some discussions, several practitioners decided to join the seminar in order to tell people about the benefits they have received from practicing Falun Dafa and dispel any misunderstandings they may have formed due to the lies and slander spread by the Jiang regime

Two weeks before the seminar began, we received details of the entire program. We had the biggest display booth in the seminar, one hour for a lecture, and a two-hour program in the evening. Our slogan was "Let's Practice Falun Gong Together."

The lecturer was a Dafa practitioner who is a doctor of medicine and also lectures in the medical faculty of a German university. In order to make the lecture successful, he used a week of his annual leave to prepare 60 slides to support the content of his lecture. The topic of his lecture was "Viewing Falun Gong from the perspective of medical science." He introduced to the audience Falun Gong's superior effect on healing and fitness. Then, with simple language, he explained how the achievement of the latest high-tech scientific researches verified the effect of Falun Gong in biological medicine. Finally, he quoted from Teacher Li's Zhuan Falun to explain those phenomena. Afterwards, through his friends' experiences, this practitioner explained how Mainland China had slandered Falun Gong with propaganda and lies. The audience was very attentive.

In the evening, a German practitioner, who works as a gymnastic coach, introduced the main points of the exercises to everyone. Then, all practiced the first four sets of exercises by following the exercise instruction tape.

Before the group exercises began, two German practitioners, who are musicians, performed four songs composed by Dafa practitioners. The practitioner who acted as the piano accompanist recently composed one of the songs, "The Story of Falun Gong," He told the audience that when the persecution initially started in Mainland China, he felt it had nothing to do with him as he was in Germany. What he was doing was persisting in cultivating at home. Afterwards, he realized the evilness of this persecution. He understood that whoever had a sense of justice should not remain silent. So, he also started to reveal the truth through his music. Their music and songs were pure and touching. The audience rewarded them with enthusiastic applause.

The entire activity was very successful. Our display boards and booth were the most attractive in the exhibition hall. Yet, there was a small interlude in the activity. One of the sponsors of the seminar was interested in the study of salt crystallization. He asked the practitioners to write "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" on the specimen of salt water. Then, after the salt water crystallized, he observed the crystallization under a microscope. Compared with the written specimen of ordinary words, he found that these three words," Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance," displayed a unique power. He showed the photomicrograph's to us, and said that he would prepare to publish the results after he could organize them. I looked upon this as validating Dafa to the world, so I made a note of it to share with everyone.

For more information on a similar experiment, please see "Extract from Water, The Origin of Life" at http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200204/4343.html.

From: http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200302/10392.html