This is a story about a couple living in the remote countryside of north China. When the evil began rampantly persecuting Dafa practitioners, this couple was ready to face any danger, and on their own initiative, they protected and sheltered several Dafa practitioners who the persecution had left destitute and homeless. They provided Dafa practitioners with a place to stay and a place to make Dafa materials. They often sent food and daily necessities to Dafa practitioners, giving them a safe and relaxed environment in which to do Dafa work and save more people.

For generations the villagers in this couple's remote countryside had to drink the region's bitter, astringent and salty ground water. The villagers pumped water from wells dug in their courtyards. The water they pumped out was yellow. If let stand, a thick crust of alkali would rise to the surface. White clothes washed in this water turned yellow. Food cooked in it tasted salty. People in this village never needed to add salt to their food. From generation to generation, everyone in the village drank the water and never knew what clear, sweet water was.

After letting so many Dafa practitioners live in their home, the couple found that the water from their well became limpid, sweet and delicious. The couple happily said: "We had never tasted such good water. We knew Falun Gong is good, but we did not expect Falun Gong to bring such miracles. Falun Gong brings good fortune everywhere it spreads. Dafa turned the bitter water at our home into sweet water."