(Clearwisdom.net) Having read "Making Phone Calls to China" [translated from German, no English version available] published on Minghui on February 10, 2003, we realized that we should take further actions to rescue Dafa practitioner Song Xu.

The police arrested Song Xu on November 10, 2002. They brutally tortured him during his seven-day detention in Zhengzhou City, Jinshui District Police Department. After he was transferred to the First Detention Center in Zhengzhou City, Song Xu started a hunger strike that has now lasted more than 90 days.

In early January 2003, Song Xu was sent to Jinshui Hospital where his family members visited him. They heard his weak voice and cleaned his body. The second day, information about him was completely cut off. The evil force feared that truth would leak out and they blocked all information.

We appeal to all practitioners to send forth powerful righteous thoughts. Completely eradicate the evil persecution against Song Xu! We also ask that the "World Organization for Rescuing Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners" look into this case. Practitioners, please pick up your phone and proactively suffocate the evil. We appeal to international human rights groups and other kind-hearted people to lend a helping hand. Urgently rescue Song Xu.

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Phone Numbers:

Henan Provincial Police Headquarter Operator: 86-371-5991155

Two chiefs from the No. 2 Section in charge of cities' police force, a man and a woman, they have the same last name Li, whose full time job is persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Provincial "610 Office:" 86-371-5902233, 86-371-5904038

Zhengzhou City Police Chief Yang Yuzhang. His full time job is to persecute Dafa practitioners. He is a formal detective captain in Xinmi City Police Department. Yang has a reputation of being extremely cruel, who kills people without blinking his eyes.

Zhengzhou City Police Department Operator: 86-371-6222023
Zhengzhou City Police First Section (in charge of persecution of Dafa practitioners in the city) has three chiefs, Sun, Yun and Pei

Zhengzhou City First Detention Center Operator: 86-371-3914073, 86-371-3941686
The Detention Center Chief Jin

Provincial "610 Office" Operator: 86-371-5963355 (switch by operator), 86-371-5991155 (auto switch)
"610 Office" Director Li Jianzhong: Ext. 23171 (home)
"610 Office" Deputy Director Li Pingqi (female): Ext. 23603 (home)

Jinshui District Police Department Political and Security Section: 86-371-6256038
Section Chief Li Xinjian: 86-13017662358 (cell phone)

Provincial Police Headquarters Staff Office: 86-371-5963394
Province Procurator Complaint Hotline: 86-371-5953492, 86-371-5454790
Zhengzhou City Prosecutor Complaint Hotline: 86-371-8888000
Provincial People's Congress Appeals Office: 86-371-5958879
Zhengzhou City People's Congress Appeals Office: 86-371-7447715
Zhengzhou Mayor's Hotline: 86-371-7447146
Zhengzhou City Police: 86-371-6228710
Zhengzhou City Police, Judiciary and Legal Appeal Office: 86-371-7970100
Henan Province Communist Party Headquarter Operator: 86-371-5902627