In the past I always felt badly when I saw some fellow practitioner with this or that attachment. I would develop a bad opinion of the practitioner, or even think some bad thoughts when the practitioner's attachments were relatively strong but he or she could not seem to eliminate them. Despite knowing that I needed to be tolerant and benevolent, my mind could not avoid feeling disturbed. Seeing this, I thought that I needed to expand my capacity and work on "tolerance," but sometimes I could not manage it.

One day I suddenly realized that those "attachments" were actually not practitioners' true nature. Practitioners not only did not accept them, they were trying to cultivate them away or eliminate them with righteous thoughts. But I had been treating these attachments as part of the practitioners themselves. In reality, the practitioners were so pure and righteous. When I realized this, the bad thoughts that I had towards fellow practitioners disappeared immediately, and were replaced with respect and an all-encompassing tolerance.

Both my perspective and my beliefs in the past had been wrong. How could those ideas be conforming to the Fa? Think about it carefully; aren't those "attachments," no matter whether they afflict you or to me, a manifestation of the old forces? They are exactly the excuses that the evil uses to persecute practitioners. So when we see those attachments we need to recognize their true nature through their manifestations and use our righteous thoughts to eliminate them. This applies to both the old forces and the their arrangements.

The above are my personal findings for your review.