(Clearwisdom.net) Today I read the article "Some Thoughts Upon Witnessing Scenes from Other Dimensions of Rescuing Charles Li" , and I was greatly shocked.

I heard about the arrest of Charles Li, yet I am one of the indifferent practitioners in U.S. this article referred to. I didn't see this incident clearly based on Fa principles and busied myself with things I thought were important. I was even dragged by human thoughts and pursuit of comfort. I always thought as long as there are some people rescuing him, I would do whatever I'm responsible for. In fact, isn't selfishness deeply hidden in this indifference? I felt this incident is far away from me as if it has nothing to do with me. Master said, "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things," ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference") yet I didn't treat it as my own concern.

After reading today's article mentioned above, I picked out related articles regarding the arrest of Charles Li and read through them. Gradually, I have gained a little clearer understanding about this incident.

The arrest of Charles Li is not as simple as the arrest of other Dafa practitioners from the surface. Jiang was sued in the U.S. and he has asserted pressure on the U.S. Foreign Affairs Department for a long time. The Chinese consulate in the U.S. issued Charles Li a visa and then arrested him inside China. They want to take advantage of this arrest to coerce the U.S. government.

No matter how it appears on the surface, we Dafa practitioners are a whole body. During this last stage, everything will still be difficult. No matter when and where a practitioner encounters something, it is not merely that particular practitioner's problem. The best solution would be the field of righteous thoughts from all Dafa practitioners.

I remember a Dafa practitioner saying that he reads articles on Clearwisdom Net everyday. The content of the reports on Clearwisdom Net can be treated as some of the most important messages about Dafa. It also includes the situation of Dafa practitioners around the world, which places need our support, which places need us to eliminate the evil field with righteous thoughts together, and we can also better understand the situation of Fa-rectification through reading those reports.

Looking at Charles Li's photo, I was ashamed of my indifference, selfishness and irresponsibility. When I clearly look at this past period of time from the perspective of Fa principles, I suddenly saw the countless excuses I made for myself, and the unexpected and complicated interferences I encountered. I use righteous thoughts to eliminate the notions that have created the excuses for myself, and to eliminate evil elements that use those excuses to persecute Charles. If all Dafa practitioners understand it clearly from the perspective of Fa principles, from the depth of their hearts, the evil would disperse like a cloud of smoke.

The above is my personal understanding, please point out anything inappropriate.

February 12, 2003