February 7, 2003


Falun Dafa practitioner Han Huaigang is an employee of a linen factory in Hailun City, Heilongjiang Province. On September 17, 2002, three people in a black car stopped him from behind in front of Weidong Elementary School on his way to work. The driver Liu Hongyu, and passengers Zhao Yunfeng and Huo Guangyi forcibly dragged Han Huaigang into the car. Huo Guangyi grabbed practitioner Han's head to keep him from moving. Soon a large van came from the direction of the factory, bringing Chen Jingming to handcuff practitioner Han. He was then forced into the van and driven to the Zhaodong police station. Chen Jingming and Huo Guangyi sat in the back on either side of the practitioner. Huang Guangyi took away his pager and Chen Jingming pulled his shirt over his head to conceal his identity. It was nighttime, and there were not many people in the yard of the police station. With his head still covered, he was taken to the third floor of the County Committee Hotel.

There he was forced to sit on a metal chair and kept awake. If Han Huaigang closed his eyes, Huo Guangyi would kick him; or Huo Guangyi, Xiao Ye, and the driver of the van, Xiao Chen would keep him awake. Chen Jingming force fed him alcohol and used a plastic bottle full of water to hit him repeatedly on the head. They also poured water on his body and stamped on his thumb with their feet. Zhao Yunfeng, Director of the Political Security Department, covered practitioner Han's head with a plastic bag, nearly causing him to suffocate. He also slapped his face and burned his left ear with a lighter. They made many threats on the practitioner's life, and claimed nobody would know anything even if they killed him. "Nobody in Hailun City knows you are here, and we asked about you at your work place and your family. Already, the police station, the linen factory and Department of Economics are looking for you." Chen Jingming also said to him, "You have never seen people thrown into a smelting pit, right?"

Currently, practitioner Han Huaigang is going from place to place, as he was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.