February 3, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) On January 6th, 7th and 8th of 2003, the Huludao Forced Labor Camp, in Liaoning Province, suddenly began another round of persecuting steadfast Falun Gong practitioners. All the police of the labor camp were involved, including the Discipline and Education Section, Labor team, temporary workers and even some criminal inmates. The camp undertook these actions in order to force"" Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief and began the most appalling and brutal persecution of practitioners in the camp''s history. The persecution lasted three days and nights, ending on January 9th, 2003. On the 10th, some visitors came.

Since January 6th, all steadfast practitioners were forced into the torture room one by one. In the room were several dozen policemen and criminals. The perpetrators stripped off the clothing of every practitioner, leaving them covered only by their underwear. Against one practitioner in particular, they used more than 10 electric batons to simultaneously shock the practitioner. Every part of the body was shocked and ravaged, including the genital area. In order to muffle the practitioner''s cries, they even sealed this practitioner''s mouth tightly with duct tape. Other torture methods included: kicking and beating; hanging from up off the ground; whipping with plastic tubes, phone lines (three rounds); striking with barbed sticks; "tiger bench" [an instrument of torture, one is forced to sit on a small iron bench with knees are tightly tied on the bench and hands tied on the back. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the lower legs to make it even harder to bear the pain, see illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html], and more. Two criminals helped the police to torture the practitioner by pressing him down and holding him on the ground. Some practitioners were force-fed with pills of an unknown type. Practitioner Li Guanghai (30+ years old graduated college student in the Zinc Factory in Huludao City) was tortured to the brink of death before being sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. The hospital said, "Li was in an extremely critical condition. Both his arms were black and blue and he could not eat anything because of his wounds from the torture. Many parts of his heart were damaged and he could hardly sustain himself. However, he was only hospitalized for ten days or so before the forced labor camp brought him back. His current situation is very difficult.

Following is part of the information regarding some of the imprisoned practitioners tortured in this persecution:

Pei Zhonghua: has been brutally tortured twice, suffered from being shocked by a dozen of electric batons at the same time, and, was force-fed unknown pills (every time it had seven pills) on two separate occasions.

Deng Wenxing: suffered from electric shocks from four to five electric batons at the same time, during a span of two days, was tortured for 26 hours, was persecuted four to five times and suffered from various forms of torture. His neck and face were badly burned with blisters and swelling from the electric shock.

Gao Kaifeng: Suffered from "tiger bench." The police put a chair on his legs and a policeman sat on the chair so he could not move at all. They kept inserting boards under his feet. Gao asked them, "What if you break my legs?" A policeman fiercely answered him; "It is nothing for us to torture you to death."

Zhang Ligou: He was tortured so harshly that he began having irregular heartbeats. His blood pressure went up to 180/250. Later, the police denied ever torturing him and forbade him from seeking a doctor''s help. They also prevented him from mentioning the torture to anyone.

Wang Haiqing: suffered from electric shock by eight electric batons simultaneously to the head, under arms, back and feet etc. He was also tortured with "tiger bench."

Liu Wangli: Whole face was severely burned and covered with huge blisters, leaving no unburned area.

Wang Zhongtao: Suffered from electric shocks by six electric batons at the same time, genital area was also shocked and swollen up. His right ear was also split open.

Liang Guoman: Suffered from electric shocks by seven to eight electric batons simultaneously. His neck and face were badly burned and injured.

Above are some of the cases of persecuted practitioners. The list of the tortured is just the tip of the iceberg. The crimes the evil force committed in the persecution of practitioners are so huge that we cannot list them all with just a few pieces of paper. About 40 practitioners were tortured this time. Some of them are from Fuxin and Chaoyang (ten practitioners are from Fuxin). Before, there were so many practitioners, from other areas, that were sent to and persecuted in Huludao Forced Labor Camp. The authority was awarded "The top level reeducation camp with good spirit " to Huludao Forced Labor Camp for its appalling persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Because of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, policeman Liu Guohua (The team head in the Huludao Forced Labor Camp who is charged of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners) was awarded the title "Role Model in Liaoning Province" and received some other awards and praises. But in fact, he is the top criminal for committing crimes of persecuting practitioners. Liu claimed after the persecution: this was the order from the central government in Beijing. The forced labor camp increased its police power and three policemen accompanied every practitioner. Besides the police, the labor camp can use martial police and militia as well.

The Chief of Huludao City Judiciary Bureau: 86-429-3128088

The Vice Chief of Huludao City Judiciary Bureau: 86-429-3110430, 86-429-3110130, 86-429-3110142

The Chief of Huludao Forced Labor Camp: 86-429-3129797

The Vice Chief of Huludao Forced Labor Camp: 86-429-3126510, 86-429-3121724, 86-429-3122287

The Vice Political Instructor of Huludao Forced Labor Camp: 86-429-3121734

The Office of Huludao Forced Labor Camp: 86-429-3110974

The Discipline and Education Section of Huludao Forced Labor Camp: 86-429-3125656