(Clearwisdom.net) Last week when I was sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of each hour, I saw two scenes. At the time, I was hesitant about sharing what I saw, since what I see is limited to my individual cultivation level, which definitely has its limitations. Before, when Dafa practitioners exchanged cultivation experiences, I often heard many people using some articles from the Internet, which were written by the practitioners whose Celestial Eye has opened, to describe Fa-rectification progress and other Dafa projects. Sometimes, this caused unnecessary interference and people were affected. When I was sending forth righteous thoughts in the past two days, I found the situation has changed so I would like to talk about what I saw at that time.

Scene 1

Last week there was a practitioner who asked why there were two disciples both based outside of China who were abducted, the one from Australia was rescued but the one from the United States is still being detained. After reading this practitioner's letter, I put it into my thoughts. When sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of each hour, I felt my whole inner world calling the name -- Charles. I arrived at a place, and looking at it from a distance, I saw two forces facing each other. When I got closer, I saw one side representing the old forces, and Dafa disciples (the higher beings on a microcosmic scale) were on the other side. I heard the old forces shouting, "You want to rescue Charles? It is impossible. Even if you have made a lot of noise, count the number of people and look at how many truly want to rescue Charles from their hearts? The Canadian practitioners can successfully rescue people because they are united. Whether or not each of them directly gets involved in the rescue process, they all support this matter from their hearts. Their righteous thoughts emit dazzling lights and we had to release their people. The Australian practitioners successfully got their people out. Although they were not doing very well as a whole, the people who directly got involved in rescuing Nancy had very strong righteous thoughts, which frightened us so much. What about your American disciples? ..." I stepped forward and told them, "You do not have the right to use Charles' incident to test American Dafa disciples. You want to use Article 23 legislation to test Hong Kong practitioners, use the Germany event to test European practitioners ... We do not recognize your arrangements. We Dafa practitioners are one entity, we are not broken down by who is American, Canadian, Australian, or European. We have no division by region, as we are one entity. We are the Fa-rectification period disciples. Let me tell you that as a whole, we are currently trying our best to save the beings of the universe that have been poisoned by you. However, you have made excuses that some region had omissions as a whole, so that you can try to damage Dafa and interfere with the sentient beings' salvation. All the bad consequences of your actions will be laid at your feet, and eventually you will have to pay dearly for your actions. I also want to let you know that Charles is a Dafa disciple who carries the duty of saving sentient beings. You have kept him in detention to prevent him from fulfilling his responsibilities. All the evil consequences will be attributed to you, and none of you can escape."

After hearing my words, they were not as arrogant as before and seem to wilt a little bit. I turned to face the fellow Dafa practitioners, but they seemed quite apathetic about what had happened. No one stepped forward to say anything. With all my strength, I spoke loudly to the Dafa practitioners who were present, "When the evils are attempting to damage Dafa, we should never stand idly by. We are Dafa practitioners. We should never acknowledge the arrangement by old forces. We should resolutely eliminate the evil!" Along with my words, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" was resounding in the gigantic cosmos. The righteous energy field from Dafa practitioners radiated gloriously throughout the universe, and those evil beings were destroyed.

Scene 2

Today, when I was sending the righteous, countless sentient beings rushed towards me, begging me for salvation. I asked where they were from. They said that they were from a fellow practitioner's universe. As that practitioner was not diligent on his human side, they were still not saved. With the Fa-rectification process at this stage, they turned to other universes for salvation. I could not hold back my tears. I said to them, "Master rectifies the Fa. The goal is to provide salvation to all sentient beings. If you all come to my universe, when the practitioner comes back one day, his universe will be in a broken and incomplete state. How could I consent to your request?" At that point, I heard Master's voice, "Every sentient being has the right to reconsider their own futures, because this is the Fa-rectification period." After I took in these sentient beings, more rushed toward me. With tears, I told them, "You should wait a little longer. Do not lose confidence in your world's ruler. We Dafa practitioners will encourage each other, if he becomes diligent, you will still have hope." Looking at these sentient beings begging for salvation, I felt very sad inside.