(Clearwisdom.net) On February 8 and 9, the Taipei Minghui School held a two-day winter camp in Ming De Junior High School's classrooms and stadium. About 200 young Dafa practitioners attended the camp. Over 30 parents of the children and 40 school's assistants and staff wholeheartedly put their effort to make the camp a success.

Two hundred young practitioners were divided into 20 groups of 10 with two instructors leading. The activities included Fa study, exercise practice, sending forth righteous thoughts, teaching songs made by practitioners, storytelling, visiting the Palace Museum, clarifying the truth and more.

The content of the Fa study was Zhuan Falun, Essentials for Further Advances and Hong Yin. After each Fa study session, instructors alternated with some games such as riddles, play-acting etc. to raise young practitioners' spirit, and prepared for next stage of the Fa study curriculum. Some young practitioners came onstage to perform. Their performances were very funny and made everyone laugh.

Fa study Young practitioners acting onstage

When the activities moved on to group games, the scene was very lively. The young practitioners were divided into five big groups and played in the square outside the classroom. The games included three-legged races and many other fun themes. Some parents played along with the children. Although the scene was a bit chaotic, the children all said they were having a great time.

Three-legged races Parents studying Fa and sharing experiences Young practitioners practicing the Falun Dafa exercises
Instructors practicing meditation Journey of Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition Sending forth righteous thoughts

The parents also utilized the time to study the Fa together and shared their cultivation experiences.

Studying Fa well, Clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts are the three things we have to do well in Fa rectification period, so young practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts at the same times as practitioners around the world.

Taking advantage of this Winter Camp opportunity, practitioners also held Journey of Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition. A petition to rescue the Qinghua University Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in China was underway, as well, and many signatures were collected.