(Clearwisdom.net) In China, if it is said that you are "participating in politics," it does not imply that you have been asked to play a role in the political life of China; rather, it is a label to attack those who hold differing political opinions. Once a person has been slapped with the label of "participating in politics," they are essentially accused of treason. Hence, as dozens of political movements have come and gone, the people in China become uneasy once one speaks of "participating in politics."

Not unexpectedly, in the current persecution of Falun Gong, Jiang's regime is applying the label of "participating in politics" to Falun Gong practitioners. This is especially preposterous, because Falun Gong practitioners fundamentally have no interest in politics, have no political agenda, and certainly do not participate in politics. Some kind-hearted employers and colleagues have often tried to persuade the Dafa practitioners in their workplace not to "participate in politics," because everyone knows that once you are slapped with that label, you will be vulnerable to endless attacks. In truth, the Chinese people, with thousands of years of culture behind them, can be said to be among the easiest to rule. Many Chinese people could care less for fame or personal benefit, and are not interested in their own political advancement at all. Not everyone in China believes that political power is so important. The Chinese people do not understand why the Jiang regime is always so afraid that someone is going to take away its power. Why do they attack people with the label of "participating in politics?" Hong Kong has been returned to China for only five years, and the Jiang regime has already begun to institute the so-called "anti-subversion" legislation of Article 23.

The Jiang regime is mobilizing every means at its disposal to attack Falun Gong. While trying to demonize Falun Gong by accusing them of being involved in politics, Jiang is at the same time bombarding everyone with his political ideology day after day, forcing everyone to "emphasize politics."

From this standpoint, the current regime is frightened of the people who really do "participate in politics," since it does not want anyone to compete with. Therefore, they use the label of "participating in politics" to attack people. On the other hand, the regime is also afraid that the people won't "participate in politics" at all, and therefore will not be motivated by the political games nor get involved in their political traps, and thus remain a clear-headed and moral people. Hence, they also try to force the people to "emphasize" politics but not get involved. This devious, contradictory position fully exposes Jiang's hypocrisy, irrationality, and complete lack of morality.