November 17, 2003


(Editor's note: The author is a young man. The author learned Falun Gong while serving time in jail. His story, turning tragedy into blessing, his Dafa cultivation experience and his gratitude to Master and Dafa are very touching. It is evident that, following the fast pace of Fa- rectification, and through practitioners' tireless effort in truth clarification, the evils in other dimensions are being eliminated so rapidly that there are fewer and fewer left. More and more people have begun to recognize the truth.)

In October 1999 I received a prison sentence. An average person was suddenly turned into a convict. Originally even the prosecutor said that I should be okay. My lawyer also said that I was innocent and that if I were to be found guilty, he would not charge me a penny. However, I was found guilty and the next thing I knew, I was a prisoner in jail. In this boundless sea of misery, I could find no one to share my pain or listen to my complaints. My heart was broken.

In December 1999, several groups of Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the prison. At that time I did not understand the practitioners' efforts in their cultivation practice. Together with other inmates I laughed at them, thinking that they could find nothing better to do but bring trouble upon themselves. I even said that Falun Gong practitioners have mental problems, thinking "Can't they do something?" I also speculated that they were politically motivated. After I was moved to different cells, these questions were later gradually resolved. During my time in the prison I moved seven times. Each move provided an opportunity to meet more practitioners.

Prison is pure hell. Everything, from daily life to people's thinking is very different from outside. Inmates fight for food, spread gossip and mock each other. In prison, people do whatever they can to make themselves feel good at others' expense. The only exceptions were the Falun Gong practitioners. They never fight back when attacked, either physically or verbally. They care for other people. They value virtue and good deeds. They also clarify the truth about Falun Gong, patiently advising criminal inmates to become good people.

In the seven months I spent in prison, all the practitioners I knew were the same way. Regardless of their education level, they all demonstrated a high moral standard. They had a high capacity to tolerate differences. They all endured tremendous hardships. Their sincere manner and compassion were most memorable. After spending time with Falun Gong practitioners, I was amazed that I could meet such good people in such a dark place. Under their great Teacher's guidance, they are practicing a wonderful cultivation. I secretly admired them. Falun Gong practitioners are the most fortunate people in the world.

This experience taught me an important lesson. I established a righteous understanding of the world and found the true meaning of life. I saw a light in the darkness and found true salvation in that boundless sea of misery. I thank those who put me in jail, although their motives were personal revenge. How else could I ever meet so many Falun Gong practitioners? Without this experience, I would have taken more wrong turns in life and committed more bad deeds. This prison term for me was a blessing in disguise. Why do I say this? Because I have learned Falun Gong! I will tell my family and friends about the persecution. I will invite them to practice Falun Gong. I will tell everyone to remember Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. I will tell them that Falun Dafa is great. As long as you believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance and practice Falun Gong, you will have a bright future.

Now people around me tell me that I am a different person. They say that I have more respect for people. That is because when I was in prison I read Zhuan Falun. After I heard Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the truth about the persecution, I vowed to start practicing Falun Gong after getting out. Later on, I finally became a Falun Gong practitioner myself.

Now I am telling everyone my own experience: Please try to find out more about Falun Gong practitioners. Please come to learn the truth about Falun Gong!