(Clearwisom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Qiu Liying was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor reform in November 1999 because she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She has suffered a lot, but she has resisted the persecution since the beginning and resolutely believed in Master and Dafa. As a result, the police did not release her even after her three-year term at the detention center was up. The detention term was prolonged by three months. At the end of January 2003, she was forcefully sent to the Hebei Province Brainwashing Center, and suffered through all sorts of mental and physical torture there. Currently, she is still being illegally detained there. She has lost freedom for four years just for saying a word of the truth.

The Shijiazhuang Oil Refinery abducted seven Dafa practitioners (not including Qiu Liying) in succession and sent them to a brainwashing center since November last year. At the end of October 2003, Dafa practitioner Xu Guangxia and Zhang Shuping were abducted by police in the Zhuoda residential area of Shijiazhuang. They were first detained in the No.1 Detention Center, and then sent to the brainwashing center. At present, they are still being persecuted there.

Telephone number of the directly responsible work unit:

Director of the refinery office: 86-311-5161126