1. A Cleaning Lady Knows the Truth

In a city in China, a cleaning lady saw a Dafa practitioner tacking up Falun Gong truth clarifying material. She said, "Give me some and I'll tack them up in a higher spot, so they can not touch them. If they ask me to tear them down, I will not do it."

2. "I Would Not Do That Kind of Unethical Thing"

One day a policeman from Tianjin City's Dagang District was chatting with a Dafa practitioner. According to him, the Dagang District government recently sent out an order that there would be a bounty of 10,000 yuan [average monthly income in China is approximately 500 yuan.] to catch a Falun Gong practitioner. Then he added, "We were told to arrest three elderly ladies, but I would not arrest an innocent person. I saw them and I told them to run away. I would not do that kind of unethical thing!

3. "Should Someone Try to Harm You, Please Just Tell Me and I'll Protect You All."

The Secretary General of the Party in a community of Tianjin City came upon a Dafa practitioner and greeted the latter warmly, shaking hands for a long while. He commented, "I know Falun Gong is good. Practitioners are good people. Although there are nice everyday people who enjoy helping others, there are only a few, but all Falun Gong practitioners do." On parting, the Secretary General kept saying to the practitioner, "Should someone try to harm you, please just tell me and I'll protect you all."