November 21, 2003

(] One may wonder why the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin in the US was rejected. Jiang Zemin has killed so many people, used the most vicious methods, mostly by lying in order to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, and has caused huge damage to the Chinese people. His crimes are unprecedented in history. But with such abundance of facts and witnesses, why has the US, a country that always protects human rights, rejected such a case?

Is it really that the US has yielded under the political and economic pressure from Jiang's regime? Or is it that the US needs Jiang Zemin to support its anti-terrorism campaign by cooperating with Jiang, who is the ultimate terrorist. Those may or may not be the reasons for the rejection of the case, but Teacher has taught us that whenever something happens, our first thought should be to look inward.

From the report on, the case against Les Presses Chinoises has also experienced some difficulties, although the righteous side seems to be dominating the case more and more. But why does the opposing side still dare to defame Teacher and Dafa practitioners with such malicious methods? Is it likely that it points to some attachments we still have?

I am absolutely not supporting the old forces and the evils' lives. Since Teacher has given us this precious opportunity to get rid of them with our righteous thoughts, then we should do a good job. In Teacher's article "Towards Consummation," Teacher said, "Some people think that Dafa is in keeping with their own understanding of science; some people think that it agrees with their own code of conduct; some people think that it speaks to their own dissatisfaction with politics; some people think that Dafa can salvage humankind's degenerate morals; some people think that Dafa can cure their illnesses; some people think that Dafa and Master are righteous, and so on and so forth."

In this time before the Fa rectifies the human world, we should deeply look inward to find out and get rid of the hidden attachments we may have ignored or have not noticed.

Actually, all things are tests, which include the suing of Jiang Zemin around the world, and the final trial of Les Presses Chinoises. While putting the evildoers on trial, our understanding of Dafa and Teacher is also tested. We are tested to see if we are still using human concepts to judge Teacher, while we still hold onto our fundamental attachments.

Teacher asked us to do three things, which is also a test for each of us Dafa practitioners. It's to see if we truly understand the great significance of Fa-rectification, and if we have acted accordingly by following Teacher's requirements without hesitation. Whether or not we are eloquent while clarifying the truth is not critical, what matters is that we have tried our best. The wisdom generated from practicing Dafa can easily compensate for our lack of ability. Whether we know or don't know how powerful our righteous thoughts are is not important, what matters is our attitude towards the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts. The apparent effect of our cultivation and practice in Dafa is not critical, what matters is to continuously improve our xinxing for the purpose of validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. Whether we are millionaires or penniless is not critical, what matters is that we can get rid of selfishness and treat people with compassion when Dafa and Fa-rectification needs us. In one word, our attitude toward Teacher's requirements shows the true level of our cultivation!

Dear fellow practitioners, we cannot use human concepts to judge Teacher. It's wrong even to treat ourselves with human concepts.

In the court hearing or when answering questions raised by the lawyers, our attitudes and answers should conform to the laws and human moral standards. But we can openly talk about the final purpose of our cultivation, and the great respect, love and admiration we hold for our Teacher deep in our hearts. It's just like the practitioners who go to Tiananmen Square and shout, "Restore the reputation of our Teacher!" We can tell a person like the lawyer who defends Les Presses Chinoises: "Believe Dafa or not, that's your personal choice. But I believe in Dafa as that's my freedom, and how I think about a certain issue is my right. Just as I've never forced you to practice Falun Dafa, I've also not blamed you for not believing in it because this is your basic human right. But if some people fabricate lies, write slanderous and hateful propaganda against us just because we believe in Falun Dafa and respect our Teacher, then s/he has to take responsibilities for it and the consequences that go along with it."

I believe that when facing the lies and defamation of Teacher by the evils or the ignorance or even denial of the existence of the persecution, if our belief in Teacher and Dafa is unshakable and complete, that is what will make the evils frantic.