Shared at the 2003 Germany Falun Dafa Conference

( Hello! My name is Ira. I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I have been a Falun Gong practitioner since 1997.

I felt in my heart during the various stages of my cultivation path Master's deepest care and attention. I realize that Master guides us on our return to our true origin and to the truth through many trials. I can feel it especially deeply during this time. Master assists us in letting go of our attachments. He gives us one chance after the other. He protects us from falling down and being left behind. He guides us on the way we are supposed to take.

I understand that everything has been arranged exactly and perfectly during the Fa-rectification, be it large or small. Each practitioner has a different cultivation path. Master arranged our cultivation paths long ago. All we have to do is go forward steadily, without a detour, and do everything a Dafa disciple is supposed to do. Our part is of great importance, and our influence is also very significant. Looking back on the path we have already walked I notice that we have already done a lot of truth clarification preparation, and thus laid the groundwork for the main thrust at the later time.

For example: We have already clarified the truth about the incidences to the legislative agencies, including many of the departments within the Ministry of the Interior and the Security Agency. We believe we have done well, but one time we noticed a signpost with the name of a legislative agency not known to us. We made an appointment because we wanted to tell them about the true situation. Later we had a long conversation with the agency. We told them about Falun Gong and the persecution, and disclosed the lies the Chinese embassy is spreading throughout Russia. Lastly, we taught the exercises to one of the civil servants. We also gave him a book.

We recently celebrated the 300th birthday of Saint Petersburg. This particular agency was responsible for gathering security information for a safe holiday. Although the Chinese embassy alleged that Falun Gong would disturb the festivities and spread hatred against the Chinese government, these allegations didn't gain ground, as we had already clarified the truth to this agency. The civil servant to whom we gave the Falun Gong book was, during a meeting of the leading government employees, named the person responsible for the information-center. He spoke well about Falun Gong when the conversation was about Falun Gong. He told them that he had been in contact with us and that he knew us well.

Once, when protesting in front of the Chinese embassy, we clarified the true situation to the police chief. At a later date, when a high-ranking Chinese delegation came to visit Saint Petersburg, they were "received" at the airport by Dafa disciples. We showed the banners when the motorcade carrying the Chinese delegation passed us. At the beginning they believed us to be everyday people who came to welcome them. They waved. But as soon as they noticed the banner headlines "Falun Dafa" and "Zhen, Shan, Ren," their smiles disappeared and they stopped waving. Later on they asked the Russian police to grant them greater security and to make certain that they would not have to see Dafa disciples. The chief of police who escorted the Chinese delegation was none other than the one we had met outside the embassy. He told them that he knew us and was absolutely certain that we were good people and would not commit any bad deeds. The Chinese embassy told them that we were terrorists, and that we would harm their lives and breach security. Although he risked losing his job, the police chief told all of them, "I personally guarantee that no harm will come to you." We believe that there may have been some problems if the police chief hadn't spoken the way he did. Our telling him the true situation touched his heart. There are many more such examples.

Once we clarify the truth in one area, the evil in another area will also be eliminated. Thus, when Luo Gan visited Moldova, I also went there to clarify the truth. We had five days to clarify the truth. Thus we divided into different teams and clarified the truth to as many people as possible from early morning until late in the evening. Given our efforts, a large number of citizens heard the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong by the communist party, and thus saw the true face of murderer Luo Gan.

We began to clarify the truth the minute we were on the train to Moldova. We spent two nights on the train, and traversed three countries and custom stations. During that time we distributed a lot of truth-clarifying materials. We traveled to Moldova to let them know about the lawsuit against the head of the "610 Office," Luo Gan, and to spread the truth to save the Moldavians. We exposed to the media, the government, and the human rights organizations the brutal persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese communist party. I saw the lawsuit against Luo Gan in Moldova as a great opportunity to clarify the truth. I wanted to call forth an echo in the international community given the global lawsuit against the chief perpetrator and other Chinese communist functionaries, who also must bear responsibility for the persecution of Falun Gong. We did not pursue results of the lawsuit. Therefore, we were able to lodge our charges with the attorney general's office, the Department of Interior, and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. We consulted extensively with the human rights organizations, attorneys, legal professionals and the UNO representatives in Moldova before filing our complaint.

I always held the following thoughts when clarifying the truth to these people and seeking legal advice: "I will save people because of this event." It appears that they felt the same. They made a lot of effort to advise us with respect to our problems. They assisted us greatly as they held sympathy for our situation in their hearts. Everyone we spoke to took great efforts to help us.

We visited the senior prosecutor and the attorney's office three times before filing the complaint with the attorney general's office. When visiting him for the first time we discussed the legal problems of the lawsuit against Luo Gan in Moldova. He took great pains to listen carefully as we clarified the truth. He suggested who would be the best attorney to approach. At the end he said that it would be impossible to hear our complaint, as Moldova's people weren't persecuted. Furthermore, he could not remember any precedence addressing this particular issue. When we took our leave he said unexpectedly, "Come and see me, should you need help!"

We really were in need of his advice. We selected some attorneys who might be willing to accept the case. They studied the materials extensively and stated that the accusation could not be heard in Moldova. When saying farewell, the attorneys wished us good luck. On our first visit to the attorney general's office the senior public prosecutor suggested that we turn to the court of justice. At the end he repeated, "Come and see me, should you need help!" I saw that goodness overpowers evil. I felt during each of our approaches the awakening of his compassion.

The judge at the highest court of justice listened to the truth and suggested we again contact the attorney general's office. During our third meeting with the senior public prosecutor I continued to send righteous thoughts to awaken his compassionate side. We wanted him to understand that we did not do this for ourselves, but only to save him. We were convinced that this suit should be heard in Moldova. It is imperative for a democratic country like Moldova, who upkeeps human rights [to officially take a stand]. We are fully aware of the implication if our case is heard C it means that Moldova recognizes Luo Gan's guilt. The senior public prosecutor accepted and signed our case. We are fully aware that this was only possible because of cooperation among all participating Dafa practitioners. We are also sure that Master guided us and we did what we were supposed to do.

Dafa practitioners' joint truth clarification throughout the world was highly influential toward the result of our efforts. I continuously feel their support and participation. Our fellow practitioners sending truth clarification materials through facsimile and Internet was of great help. The first published article, exposing the persecution of Falun Gong by the communist regime and Luo Gan, published in one of Moldova's well-recognized newspapers, came from different Dafa information sources of other world regions.

Unfortunately, our wish to meet with the Foreign Minister did not materialize. We sent truth clarification materials to him. I introduced myself as a Falun Gong practitioner when contacting the editor of the foreign ministry's press liaison's office. Immediately, the editor broke out laughing, "We were already informed by your friends from abroad. I admire your active efforts!" I had decided to personally deliver the truth clarification materials. But he said that it was no longer necessary, as he already had read our truth clarification material on the Internet. He also had translated the information into Romanian and delivered it to the Foreign Minister. I thanked him from my deepest heart for his ability to be fair.

Two fellow practitioners were responsible for distributing truth clarification materials to the media. It took them three days to visit all media centers in the capital of Moldova. They explained the truth about the persecution to editors and reporters and gave them truth clarification materials and CD's. Thus, the reporters from all media outlets knew the truth about Falun Gong, as well as the horrible deeds of Luo Gan by the time we held the press conference.

A UNO official suggested we arrange a press conference through one media outlet and notify all other media. We discussed it in a lengthy conversation with the vice-director of the particular media outlet. She appeared very cautious. She did not turn us down immediately, but tried to dissuade us of the idea of a press conference. She was of the opinion that, as no one from Moldova was affected by China's persecution, no one would be interested in attending the press conference. She suggested that we should not waste our time, our money, and our efforts.

This was a test for all of us. I realized that the old forces were exploiting our remaining attachments when one of the practitioners had almost the same opinion as that lady. At that time I had a rock-solid and righteous thought and said that we should not look at the opportunity with the mind of ordinary people, but from within the Fa. I asked, "Is a press conference good for Dafa, or is it not?" Everyone was of the same opinion. It was good for Dafa! Even if no reporters showed up, we could disseminate the news, so all the people would hear of our press conference. This would be a heavy blow to the evil in the other dimension. This is not only an affair concerning us, but it concerns all Dafa practitioners. We should be worthy of the name of Dafa practitioners and do well with this affair. We were certain that it was up to us to organize this press conference.

During that time I continuously felt Master's guidance. Although I slept and ate little, I was always energetic. All other practitioners also hoped that our mission was successful. We formed a unit. Unfortunately we also had some gaps. Sometimes we had disagreements and argued, though this was always of short duration. We all understood the importance of this undertaking. We were rock solid and unbeatable, and we stopped the evil from exploiting our gaps.

On the first day I had a conflict with another practitioner. Another practitioner noticed this and realized that it could disrupt our mission. She suggested we study the Fa together. I had brought along the "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference." I don't think that this was accidental. Master said, "At present there are some frictions among students, and you all need to watch out--you can't let minor things affect the important things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do." I felt the magnificence and the power of Dafa after studying the Fa together. The conflicts among us were no more than a trifle. The things we are supposed to do are so holy and magnificent! I felt ashamed that I was unable to control myself, especially since I had done something that made the evil happy and our Master sad.

Now I will discuss the press conference again. We called the Association of Journalism and asked for their help in securing a place for the press conference. We told them the theme of the press conference. In the meanwhile one of the employees showed us a document from the Ministry of Culture, which said, "The Chinese embassy asks not to rent a place to Falun Gong." As the words "Falun Gong" were not translated correctly, the employee suggested that perhaps they didn't talk about us. We answered that they certainly talked about us. Consequently, we clarified the truth and gave them the real name. An employee from the Chinese embassy called while we were visiting at the Association of Journalism and they told the embassy that Falun Dafa practitioners wished to rent a place from them. The Chinese embassy informed them that they had not heard of us, und therefore they were not against us. After the employee put the phone down he said, "Since they have nothing against it we agree to rent the place to you."

I was of the opinion that the news that Dafa practitioners were suing Luo Gan had already been publicized all over town. We were, a few hours before the conference, successful in filing an accusation with the district attorney's office. After we finished copying the materials for reporters we returned to the Association of Journalism. At that time we were told that they were forced to rescind their decision to rent us a place. The reason was that the Chinese embassy had put pressure on the Foreign Ministry of Moldova. They also put pressure through the Ministry of Culture on the Association of Journalism. The employee of the Association of Journalism apologized. I saw that she felt bad about it.

We did not cancel our press conference. We held the conference in a nearby park. Many journalists came and received the material. Some of the media reporters interviewed us. The next day, some of the major newspapers published articles both in Russian and Romanian based on the materials we distributed. We met a number of people during those few days in Moldova who were interested in practicing Dafa. For example, the assistant to the attorney general and the highest public office had already read the book, Falun Gong, prior to meeting us. He arranged a meeting with us. The director of a Russian radio station had been given Zhuan Falun on a trip to China a few years ago. He had read it and had wanted to learn the exercises ever since.

Everyone we came in contact with wanted to help us. One of the reporters called one of the television anchorman and asked him to meet with us. After we met, this anchorman wanted to present a series called "Morals, Qigong and Falun Dafa." I have kept in contact with him since then. He read the book and felt the movements of Falun. He asked us to come back to Moldova and teach people the exercises. We will return to Moldova in the near future. It is very important for the people there. Master said in "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference," "If an ethnic group or a country doesn't have Dafa disciples right now, it will bring them a ton of difficulty--and that's at a very minimum. So no matter how few Dafa disciples there are in a certain place, that is hope for that ethnic group."

We achieved a lot during our five days in Moldova. I felt as if a month had passed. We utilized every minute for clarifying the truth. Before leaving we visited the Chinese embassy. We wanted to deliver truth clarification materials. We distributed materials while shopping in the market. We wanted the Moldavians to learn the truth from our deepest hearts.

I came to understand during the truth clarification process that Master takes care of everything. We are only there to fulfill our mission during this historical moment of the Fa-rectification period of the cosmos. We have to be diligent and do everything well. We can't wait for our bad conscience to bother us, because Master and the sentient beings have such great hope in us. I wish all my fellow practitioners, including myself continue without failure on our cultivation path, look inward, and search for our attachments and eliminate them, so the evil forces that fight for life and death are unable to exploit our gaps. We have to deny everything arranged by the old forces. The Fa-rectification work is in front of us. Under no circumstance can we miss the historic chance that Master has granted us.

I thank Master for his compassion and for all he beared for us. I thank Master that he granted us the honor to be part of this magnificent historical period in the Fa-rectification period of the cosmos, which confirms Dafa, including the opportunity to save all sentient beings.