(Clearwisdom.net) With the rapid development of Fa-rectification, the evils in other dimensions have been eliminated in massive quantities. With the help of fellow practitioners, some former practitioners who were forced to give up their cultivation have awakened. Some others are still somewhat confused, but they have also begun to read Master's lectures and have gradually come to see the truth.

One person helped the police to torture Dafa practitioners after he/she went astray. Now that person has completely woken up and has published a solemn declaration (a public statement of apology for the wrongdoings using real names) along with several others. Beforehand, they felt guilty and blamed themselves for their misdeeds, becoming quite depressed. After talking with other practitioners, they have come to understand practitioners' historic obligation. Now they are actively involved in truth-clarification work. They have now even established a small material printing center. They are also helping others come back to Falun Dafa and cultivate as a group.

Another person helped the police in brainwashing classes. He has now awakened and come back to Dafa. In order to undo the damages he personally caused, he is now, one at a time, clarifying the truth to people who were negatively influenced by him in the brainwashing classes, including the ones now living in other cities.

Recently, the police in one district planned to force Dafa practitioners to attend brainwashing, but their plan met with strong resistance from local practitioners. In addition, several "reformed" persons had realized the truth and thus refused to cooperate with the police. As a result, the brainwashing class did not take place.

Now, more and more people are awakening to the truth. However, we can still see problems on their way home. They need to enhance their Fa-study and get more support from fellow practitioners.