Cultivation and Exercises cannot be separated. Cultivation is of first priority, and Exercises are supplementary. If you only cultivate without doing the exercises, your energy potency will not increase. Actually, this can be considered as only doing research. If you only do the exercises without cultivating, you cannot be considered a practitioner, as it is impossible to increase your Xinxing and level. During the final stage of the Fa-rectification, every genuine practitioner is strictly following Teacher's instructions and doing the three things: studying the Fa, clarifying the truth, and sending righteous thoughts. Therefore, every practitioner is very busy. Sometimes it is very easy for practitioners to forget about doing the exercises. I am one of them. Sometimes it becomes a very serious problem for me. Through constant study of the Fa and with Teacher's help, I have gradually come to understand that it is very important to do exercises during this last stage of Fa-rectification.

I found that a fellow practitioner, who is diligent in studying the Fa, cultivating his Xinxing and practicing the exercises as well, has very strong righteous thoughts. He doesn't have to intentionally send forth righteous thoughts; he is treating everything with righteous thoughts. When we send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil influences, there is a fairly small separation among micro particles and there is transparent belt-like energy substance during the separation. This occurs because quite a lot of his physical body has been transformed into the high-energy substance. When eliminating the evil influences, he has very strong and consistent energy potency. Consequently, his righteous thoughts are very effective and he is not easily fatigued.

When a Falun Dafa practitioner is doing the exercises, the part of his body that corresponds to the universe is also doing them. The bad substance will be eliminated very quickly. In other words, when we do the exercises well (assuming one studies the Fa well and improves one's Xinxing fast), we are really walking out of the shell made up of attachments and the degenerated substance. Our physical body is turning more and more transparent, with many colors interchanging and upgrading. It looks extremely beautiful.

What about a practitioner who doesn't do well in exercises? The most obvious state would be: his physical body is easily fatigued, and lots of irrelevant thoughts crop up when sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa. It is because the physical body has not been transformed well and therefore it is easy for evil beings to take advantage of his weaknesses. The effect of eliminating these evil influences is not satisfactory.

I often think about what is behind thoughts like" I don't feel like doing the exercises" and "I have no time to do the exercises." Is it the demonic interference making me lazy or an attachment to comfort? Perhaps it is both. But I think the most important reason is that we do not understand this part of Teacher's Fa (in terms of doing the exercises) well enough.

The aim of an ordinary practitioner is to achieve consummation. A Fa-rectification disciple has to rectify all that is not right; to save all people that can be saved in the human world; and to eliminate all the evil influences. That is to say, to finish his or her part of the most perfect vast universe. Therefore, we should not only get rid of degenerated things and attachments and build up boundless mighty virtue, we should also cultivate our abilities and supernormal abilities. Aren't these things evolved from practicing the exercises?

In fact, when we regard our forgetting about practicing the exercises as an attachment to be rid of, and we treat the cells and the micro particles in our physical body as our own sentient beings to be saved, we will definitely not forget about practicing the exercises.

Fa-rectification has come to the final stage, and we should indeed treat ourselves as gods who enlighten to the universal principles completely. If we cannot cultivate ourselves well, how can the sentient beings be really saved!

Due to my personal cultivation level and understanding, this is written only for reference.