Dec. 13, 2003

( While a policeman was interrogating a Falun Gong practitioner, his cell phone rang. He took a look and said to himself, "Why is the caller's number not displayed?" Usually when overseas practitioners call people in China, their phone numbers cannot be displayed. After listening for a while, the policeman suddenly hung up. A short while later, his phone rang again. This time, he dared not answer the phone in front of the practitioner, so he went outside. During the entire interrogation, his phone kept ringing. In the end, he had to end the interrogation without getting any information from the practitioner, who later escaped from detention with righteous thoughts.

On a separate note, when practitioners in a certain place in Anhui Province clarified the facts, they always came across people who had received truth-clarification phone calls from overseas. It was said that the phone calls they received were pre-recorded messages. When the person picked up the phone, he would hear "Falun Dafa is Good," and would then be prompted to press different keys to hear the facts about various issues related to Falun Gong.