(Clearwisdom.net) On November 1, 2002 the labor camp attempted to brainwash Dafa practitioners and force them to write the "five letters*." Prison guards handcuffed 30-year-old Ms. Zhang Xiaogeng's hands behind her back and left her on the second floor of the labor camp for over 2 hours, which resulted in her hands becoming useless and numb for a long period of time. The perpetrators are Zhang Xiaodan and Li Xiujin.

By May 7, 2003 Ms. Zhang Xiaogeng had already gone on a hunger strike for 13 days. Prison guard Hong Wei beat her with batons for more than 2 hours and handcuffed her hands behind her back, forcing her to give up the hunger strike. The next day, he even said beating her was for her own good.

At the end of September 2002, in order to force practitioners to wear criminal uniforms and do hard labor, two male prison guards beat Ms. Zhang severely, causing large areas of blackened and rock-hard bruises on the buttocks. That morning, prison guard Sun Limin forced Ms. Zhang Xiaogeng and Ma Cuihong to do hard labor. Both of them said they did not commit any crime and should not have to do the hard labor. After Sun Limin left, in came two male police agents who started to viciously beat the Dafa practitioners with electric batons. Ms. Zhang told the prison guard Zhang Xiaodan, "You are breaking the law, beating us like this. We did not break the law. We should not have to do hard labor." Zhang Xiaodan even said, "This is the law."

Thus, under orders from prison guards Zhang Xiaodan and Sun Limin, several guards severely beat the two weakened female practitioners. A group of female prison guards kicked the practitioners with their boots and shouted, "Hurry up and get the work done! As long as you get the work done, we won't beat you!" Afterwards, the two practitioners were bedridden for more than two weeks. After a large prison guard finished with the beatings, he touched Zhang Xiaogeng's face with the electric baton and said, "You are quite beautiful. Smile for me. If you don't, I will continue to beat you."

Ms. Jiang Shufang, 47, lives in the Xingshan District of Hegang City. She was abducted and thrown into Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp for 2 years of detention simply because she practices Falun Gong. In the labor camp, prison guards tried to force her to write the "five letters." Because Jiang Shufang did not comply, the guards forced her onto the ground, with her hands pulled back over her shoulders and handcuffed to the edge of a bed. They tried to force her to write a "weekly report" and to do "homework," which included writing slanderous words about Falun Dafa. When she refused, she was cursed at, beaten physically, and again handcuffed from behind to a bed frame. Her shoulders felt like they were being torn apart. She suffered in agony from the torture inflicted upon her until she lost consciousness. As a result, her two arms did not work properly afterwards. However, when it was the time for morning exercises, prison guard Jiang Jianan would force her to do the exercises. If she could not do it, the guard would beat her on her wrist.

At the end of November 2003 when officials from the Provincial Government came for inspection, political instructor Sun Limin tried to force Jiang Shufang to write a "weekly report," but she refused. Sun then started to punch and kick her severely, until her face was black and blue.

Ever since Jiang Shufang was thrown into the labor camp, she was handcuffed from behind 6 times and was beaten and verbally abused many times. Prison guards that directly participated in her persecution: Squadron Commander Hong Wei, Vice Squadron Commander Jiang Jianan, Li Xiujin, Zhang Yan, Logistics Guard Hou Li, Political Instructor Sun Limin.

Ms. Guo Fengxia lost two-thirds of her liver in 2001 due to a car accident. Just after she got out of the hospital, she was abducted and thrown into the Forced Labor Camp and sentenced to 2 years of illegal detention. She was subjected to torture because she did not write a letter to renounce Falun Gong. Squadron Commander Hong Wei, along with 2-3 criminal inmates and two male police agents, tortured and beat her entire body until it was black and blue. After that, they tried to force her to write the "five letters." Because she refused to write them, she was subjected to further physical abuse. The old scars were still healing when new wounds were inflicted. Later she was forced to sit still on a small stool for more than 2 months simply because she would not want to write anything against Dafa. The uneven surface of the stool cut into the flesh of her buttocks, and stuck to them. She was physically weak, and due to her recent surgery and the physical abuse from the labor camp, she could not do the hard labor. However, He Qiangyin was very angry because Ms. Guo could not carry big bags on her own and carried them together with two other persons. He started punching and kicking her head and face. When she fell because of the beatings, she stood up again, and this repeated many times. Her whole body was shaking, she was dizzy, and she was no longer able to do the forced labor. When Squadron Commander Hong Wei saw that she could not do the work, he started beating her again.

Ms. Lu Xiuqin has been detained in Jiamusi Labor Camp for a year and a half now. On November 1, 2002 the labor camp officials started to brainwash Falun Dafa practitioners. Ms. Lu was hung by handcuffs behind her back as torture. In February 2003, the labor camp authorities stepped up their tactics to torture steadfast Dafa practitioners. They hung practitioners by handcuffs behind their backs to torture them. In order to force Dafa practitioners to write the"five letters," prison guards exhausted all means and tactics. The No. 8 Squadron Commander Hong Wei was the mastermind, and together with a few key instigators, he tortured and physically and mentally abused over 40 steadfast practitioners. One day, Brigadier Zhang Yan brought Ms. Lu into a classroom and then prison guard Hong Wei came up and slapped her face. In order to force Ms. Lu Xiuqin to write a "guarantee letter," the guard hung her up by the handcuffs for 2 hours until she fell unconscious. When the guard opened her handcuffs to have her write the "guarantee letter," she could not speak and neither did her hands work properly. Then Brigadier Zhang Xiaodan and another male guard dragged her by the handcuffs for quite a ways with the metal cutting into the flesh of her wrists. Some prison guards wrote a "guarantee letter" and forced her fingerprint onto it.

Ms. Li Fenglan was severely beaten by prison guards until black and blue all over and rendered unable to walk simply because she would not read any articles that defamed Falun Dafa. In September 2002, Ms. Li was slapped on the face many times by prison guard Mu Zhenjuan because she would not wear a criminal uniform. He punched her, giving her black eyes and leaving her dizzy for a long time.

* The "Five Letters": Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. Created by the "610 Office," these statements include a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners.