(Clearwisdom.net) (Note: Tumuji is an impoverished farming area. The area is sparsely populated and everyone lives some distance away from each other. Most of the people who live there are relatives of police officers. Whenever Falun Dafa practitioners have escaped from the labor camp, the police mobilized all the local people to look for them. The homes that have telephones are the families of police officers. It is hoped that after learning the truth from reading the article below, righteous people from all walks of life will make phone calls or send letters based on the following information to stop the police from committing any more evil deeds.)

Tumuji Forced Labor Camp is located at Xing'an Meng League, Zhalaite Banner (a municipality unit, similar to a county), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Below are the facts regarding how Falun Dafa practitioners in the female team of this forced labor camp have been persecuted.

Ms. Li Xiaoqiu from Manzhouli City was tortured so severely she became mentally disoriented

Ms. Li Xiaoqiu is a thirty-one-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Manzhouli City. She is single and was previously a facilities employee of the Manzhouli Post and Telegraph Amenity Company. She's bright and pretty. In June 2000, she was illegally detained and sent to a forced labor camp. Because Ms. Li Xiaoqiu resisted the persecution against Falun Dafa, she was severely tortured and her term was extended in the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp female team.

In April of 2003, Li Xiaoqiu and another practitioner, Ms. Lu Hongwei from Wengshengte Banner, Chifeng City, were force fed many times. Their front teeth were knocked out during these brutal acts, and they were also forced to attend brainwashing sessions.

After being severely tortured, Li Xiaoqiu compromised her belief in Dafa against her will and later became mentally disoriented and incontinent. The police in the labor camp thought she was feigning illness, so they segregated her and sent secretary Di Fengrong and three criminal prisoners to keep an eye on her. In spite of the fact that practitioner Li Xiaoqiu was mentally disoriented as a result of severe trauma, not only did the police refuse to let her see a doctor, but they also used electric batons to shock her, They also beat her, pulled her hair, and handcuffed her arms and legs. There were bruises covering her body. Late at night, one could always hear her forlorn screams. Other practitioners often requested that the labor camp permit her to have a medical exam, but the police said she was fine and was just pretending to be sick. Li Xiaoqiu has finished her term and was released home, but she is still suffers from mental trauma from her experience in the labor camp.

Ms. Xu Dongping was hung up and brutally beaten

Because practitioner Ms. Xu Dongping refused to shout out defamatory slogans defaming Dafa or recite the labor camp regulations, police cruelly beat and kicked her, and pulled out large clumps of her hair. They also cuffed her to a heater pipe for several hours and tortured her by means of force-feeding. Later, Xu Dongping was handcuffed to the heating pipe for a whole night.

The persecution endured by three practitioners in Genhe City

Because Genhe City practitioners Ms. Chen Jinhong, Ms. Wang Wei, and Ms. Fan Guizi refused to shout out slogans slandering Dafa and did not recite the labor camp regulations, the prison police verbally abused and insulted them. Chen Jinhong went on a hunger strike to protest her illegal detention and was savagely beaten by policewoman Yi Guijuan. First she forcefully slapped and punched Chen's face; then she pulled her hair and kicked her to the ground. The policewoman continued to beat and kick her, and used an electric baton to shock her face, chest, and many places on her back. Several spots on her face were electrically shocked, causing her to bleed severely. Police Officer Yi Guijuan verbally abused Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen non-stop while torturing her. Later, Ms. Chen was called to the office of Team Captain Zhou Guoling. There, several people again took turns kicking and beating her. She was brutally force fed until she agreed to eat again.

Practitioners Chen Jinhong, Wang Wei, and Fan Guizi were then transferred to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, against their will and without any legal process. The perpetrators were the police from Genhe City in Inner Mongolia AR, Captain Yi Chujiang, Deputy Captain Wang Baogang, and three others. The labor camp rejected the practitioners the first time because legal procedures weren't followed. When they were sent to the forced labor camp the second time, the three practitioners resisted the persecution by refusing the physical examination. The police then dragged the three of them out of the car and fiendishly kicked and beat Ms. Wang Wei. Her clothes were torn from the beating. The police illegally sentenced all three of them right on the spot to three years of forced labor.

Ms. Zhang Xueqing was tortured so brutally that it resulted in cardiac muscle inflammation

Dafa practitioner Zhang Xueqing from Hulunbeier City/Yimin Town repeatedly protested the illegal detention and torture by holding hunger strikes. She refused to call out slogans slandering Dafa and persisted firmly in her belief. Consequently, she suffered greatly from all kinds of unmerciful torture techniques adopted by the police. The torture included beating, kicking, shocking with electric batons, hanging, stripping off her clothes, force-feeding, and other methods. As a result, she acquired cardiac muscle inflammation, but the perpetrators still required her to perform hard physical labor.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dong Juying from Hulunbeier City, Dayan Town, was found to have stage three tuberculosis, which is very contagious. The police refused to let her go home and ordered her to work as usual. Meanwhile, they casually kept her with other people and allowed them to eat and live together.

The above facts are only a few of the numerous cases regarding the criminal conduct of the police in this forced labor camp. The persecution is going on continuously. For example, if Falun Dafa practitioners do not shout out slogans that defame Dafa or refuse to admit to fabricated crimes, they face aggravated torture from the labor camp police. The police want to brainwash Falun Dafa practitioners into renouncing their belief in order to personally benefit from their superiors.

Telephone numbers of responsible persons in the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp:

Zip code: 137321 Area code: 0482
Enforcer Captain Duan Heping
Enforcer Deputy Captain Jiao Fuyou

Note: Duan Heping's wife Guo Ying is the Captain of the female team. Their only son is studying in England. Jiao Fuyou's daughter, Jiao Yunfang, is a teacher for the Tumuji Children's School (She is a former police officer for the female team)

Address: Tumuji Children's School, Zhalaite Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: Jiao Yunfang

Tumuji Forced Labor Camp Female Team:
Dispatch office: 6710035
Captain Guo Ying 6710232 (office) 13048210000 13030436700
Director Jia Mei 13847986086 13030446856
Deputy Captain Zhou Guoling 13847986036 13190958178
Deputy Captain Wang Hongxing (male) 13030446856 13948216606
Brainwashing class:
Secretary Di Fengrong 13948286525 13030436536

Captain Li Aiye 13948217536 13190956780
Captain Yi Guijuan (This person forces Falun Dafa practitioners to work intensely and long hours)
Security, not an official police officer Li Xiaodong (male) (Note: This person is very evil.)

December 11, 2003