(Clearwisdom.net) In view of the situation in our region, Falun Dafa materials production sites and practitioners involved in making these materials have always been the main targets of persecution since July 20, 1999. Dafa practitioners are becoming more mature on issues regarding distribution of flyers, pasting truth-clarifying materials and the making of them. They better understand safety and coordination issues than they did before. They also recognize the fact that many practitioners have become aware of their fundamental attachments and are improving themselves. That is why many aspects of the persecution are gradually being eradicated. From the perspective of other dimensions, the evildoers are defeated in their persecution because the evil old forces no long have any excuses for their persecution in the face of strong righteous thoughts and the pure mind of Dafa disciples.

In the last stage of Fa-rectification, however, we should not lower out guard. With the mighty current of Fa-rectification surging ahead, practitioners are perfecting their skills in clarifying the truth to the Chinese people in China via interception of cable TV, and are able to do so with a considerable safety rate. This has made the evil beings extremely scared. Expending large amounts of human resources and capital, they are desperate to track down practitioners who are involved in cable TV interception and who have contacts with Minghui (Chinese Clearwisdom). The National Security forces have recently started to get involved. The persecution of overseas practitioners by agents from the Shanghai National Security Team is only part of their scheme. Reliable sources report that higher authorities have given each of them tens of thousands of Yuan to recruit informers in areas where there are many practitioners coming and going. When practitioners travel into Hong Kong, they can be identified since their names appear on the blacklist, but they would allow them to pass into Hong Kong. However, as soon as these practitioners come back to the Mainland, the authorities start following their tracks and monitoring their activities.

The National Security Team has lately been extremely aggressive and rampant, using means such as abductions, threats and bribes to those who abandoned Dafa to act as informers, and to lure others to do TV interception. They also lure overseas practitioners into going back to China to do TV interception so that they could create another case like that of US citizen Charles Lee to continue to feed their deceptive propaganda machine and to convince those who do not know the truth that their persecution is "justifiable." Such things have already happened in our area and I hope this would serve as a warning to all practitioners in China, especially those involved in cable TV interception.

Looking at the issue from another angle, doesn't it also show that we practitioners in China as a whole are still not very clear about the significance of TV interception? We might only think we should do this to redeem sentient beings, and we should do it even at the cost of our lives, but have failed to recognize the legitimacy, the rationality and the appropriateness of our action and have therefore given an excuse to the evil for their persecution.

No long ago, Minghui published an article by Lin Zhanxiang titled "Falun Gong Practitioners' Anti-Persecution Activities are Just and Legitimate," in which he talked about the legitimacy, the rationale, the appropriateness and the justification of TV interception, suggesting that practitioners in China should all come to a true understanding of the importance and the legitimacy of TV interception. If practitioners as a whole could have as clear an understanding based on the Fa about TV interception as on suing Jiang Zemin, and at the same time eliminate the evil forces that are controlling them in other dimensions, then the evil would have no excuse for their persecution and what they face is complete defeat and elimination.

As another practitioner said, "Only when we truly melt into the Fa, negate and eliminate this evil persecution from the depths of our hearts without any human notions mixed in, can the boundless power of the Fa be manifested." (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/17/42315.html)

In fact, only by doing so can we be successful in conducting TV interception safely, on a large scale.

November 22, 2003