(Clearwisdom.net) Yesterday a friend came to visit me. We watched a truth-clarifying VCD. I told her about the effects Falun Gong has on curing illnesses and how it improves health. I told her about how there is modern scientific evidence for many of the things stated in Zhuan Falun. She still did not understand very clearly. Later on, I told her a few stories about Teacher Li.

Teacher Li wore a very common corduroy jacket when he came to Jinan City, Shandong Province to give lectures. He was very friendly and approachable. Students took pictures with him in groups. It took some time to arrange the seats and Teacher Li was very patient as he waited quietly beside us. I had met many other Qigong masters in the past. They were usually surrounded by crowds of people, and commanded attention based on ostentation and extravagance.

A fellow practitioner talked about one of his personal experiences in the past. Teacher Li took a train to a city to give lectures, and this practitioner was seated in the same railway car as Teacher, both on hard seats. At dinnertime, when the practitioner learned that Teacher Li had not eaten all day, he bought a meal for Teacher as well. Teacher's life was very simple and plain. Many practitioners have offered to donate money to him, but Teacher never allowed it.

The next story was about an American practitioner's experience on how he learned about Dafa. In October 1996, Teacher Li went to meet students at a practitioner's home. This person had not started to practice Falun Gong yet. He came to this meeting out of his admiration for Teacher's reputation. Teacher Li's friendly manner, profound knowledge and extensive learning made a very deep impression. He stayed very late that night. When he took off his shoes at the entrance of the home, he found another pair of leather shoes looking much older and worn, but very clean. When everybody was about to leave, he found out that they were Teacher Li's shoes. That night he decided to practice Falun Gong.

Teacher Li has always taught us to be considerate of others no matter what we do.

We must take into account how much other people are able to endure and consider whether what we are doing would hurt others. No matter which field a question was in, Teacher answered students' questions about the most fundamental principles of things without any hesitation. The great wisdom and compassion of an enlightened being calls forth a profound respect from people.

Jiang's regime twists things around to make a great, good person appear to be very bad. This is what they are doing! This is why so many people went to Beijing to clarify the truth, regardless of any threats to their lives!

Before I finished speaking, my friend placed her hands in the position of Heshi and respectfully asked, "Does a Buddha student salute in this way?" It was Teacher's compassion that touched her heart. I realized that I had not clarified the truth to people in this way before. Teacher's compassion penetrates and harmonizes from the top to the bottom. Even in this ordinary society, his behavior is the most noble and the most touching.

It has been ten years since I last saw Teacher Li. Every time I listen to stories about our Teacher told by fellow practitioners, I am so deeply moved that my eyes brim with tears. When I find myself missing Teacher Li very much, I cry with my face in my hands in front of his picture. "With a courtyard of gorgeous flowers, the spring has her master." ("Plum Blossom Poem")

I hope that when we see our Teacher again in the future, every student will feel no qualms about the title of "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples." Otherwise, we will be ashamed to see our respected Teacher.

November 17, 2003