No One in the Entire Village Was Convinced

Once, while clarifying the truth to a man in his fifties as he waited for a bus, I learned that he was a villager from the Cangzhou City suburbs, in Hebei Province. This man said that there was a villager in his thirties who had been in poor health, but became well after practicing Falun Gong. Even after Jiang began persecuting Falun Gong, this villager remained steadfast in his belief and continued to practice Falun Gong at home. One day, a group of policemen visited his home and arrested this practitioner. As he told me this, the villager became angry, asking, "On what grounds can they just arrest people like that? How do they expect us to believe that these people are criminals? Not one person in the entire village was convinced of that!"

A vegetable vendor in the village said, "We have quite a lot of people in our village that practice Falun Gong. They only do good deeds and would never do anything wrong, and yet, the TV programs keep repeating the fabricated lies about Falun Gong."

Phone Calls from Overseas

1. A puzzled elderly woman exclaimed to her daughter-in-law, "Guess what? I got a phone call from overseas about Falun Gong! It seems that Falun Gong is just doing so extremely well outside China. How do you suppose they got our phone number? It is just incredible!"

2. A young wife received an unexpected phone call. The voice said, "I'm calling from overseas to tell you some good news..." Already afraid of what they might say, she panicked and hung up the phone. Her husband, sitting beside her, anxiously said, "Maybe you're afraid to listen, but I'm not. I'm eager to find out what the good news is."

The above are two excerpts from true stories. We hope that overseas Falun Dafa practitioners will continue to clarify the truth, and do so more effectively. Together, let's save sentient beings.

Bureau Chief: "This is the kind of person I hire"

There are two counties that frequently do business with each other. When someone asked how a certain Falun Gong practitioner was doing, the bureau chief said, "I promoted that person who practices Falun Gong to the head of a section. His work is impeccable and he refuses to accept bribes. I'm proud to say that this is the kind of person I hire."