(Clearwisdom.net) The articles in the 93rd issue of Minghui Weekly (a weekly publication in Chinese containing news about Falun Gong, experience sharing articles written by practitioners, etc.) were very helpful to me. I felt that I did not do my best in many things. Some of them I could have done well. I shared my thoughts with one fellow practitioner. We decided that one day we would go up the mountain in order to clarify the truth to the residents living there. The second day while I was grocery shopping at the supermarket, a fellow practitioner called me and asked me if I would like to climb up the mountain the next morning. I agreed.

My husband and I left the supermarket and went home. It was not a long way but I suddenly noticed that my husband was walking slower and slower. He could barely step forward. This was very unusual as he usually walks fast in front of me and have to chase him to keep up. I asked him: "Are you tired? Can you not walk?" He said, "Yes, my legs hurt." When we got home I felt that he was not ok and might have a temperature. I touched his head and found out that it was very hot. I rushed out and bought a thermometer and some medicine. His temperature was very high 39o C (~104o F). He took the medicine at once. During the night I kept looking after him, feeding him medicine and making sure he was covered. The next morning when I went out to buy him breakfast I went to the bus stop and told the fellow practitioner that I could not go to the mountain, as I had to stay home to take care of my sick husband.

On the second day, although he kept taking medicine his temperature was up and down. At noon it came up again. I then took him to the hospital. He got two injections at the hospital. We got some Chinese medicine and Western medicine. After we got home he took some Chinese medicine. But he still had a high temperature.

At the beginning I felt sorry for ordinary human beings, seeing him suffering from this illness. We practitioners clearly understand the reasons behind it, but my husband did not share my understanding.. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, we were thinking of eliminating the evil in other dimensions to stop interfering with him, not as a method to cure illness. After more thought, I felt that his symptoms were not like the flu or inflammation. I wondered if there was anything to do with me? I thought about the article I read from the Minghui Weekly about a fellow practitioner clarifying the truth to the labor education centers in China. The author said, "When I just started to clarify the truth to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing, everyone at home - my father, husband, and daughter - had a fever, except me. Every day I was so busy caring for my family that I did not have time to work on the cases about the forced labor camp. Later on I realized that it was the evil persecuting my family so that I could not work on the forced labor cases." I realized that I discovered my husband did not feel well within 30 minutes after receiving an invitation from a fellow practitioner to go and clarify the truth to the mountain villages.

I thought that when I go out to introduce Dafa or to clarify the truth that I would definitely send forth righteous thoughts if someone were against Dafa. When the evil from other dimensions changes its format and stops me from going out to spread Dafa or to clarify the truth by keeping me busy in the form of illness, etc., isn't it external interference? Shouldn't I eliminate it? I realized that everything that happens to our family is related to us.

I held a Dafa book and sat close to my husband who had just taken the medicine and still had a temperature. I read aloud to him very carefully. I did not have any thoughts in my mind to cure his illness for him. In my mind I thought that I have Dafa and that I am not afraid of the vicious evil in other dimensions that is damaging and interfering with my saving people. I kept reading for more than 2 hours. My husband was sleeping. He would wake up if I stopped reading. I knew that he heard every word. I sent forth righteous thoughts at 12:00am and 6:00am, eliminating the interference.

When I touched the forehead of my husband it was cool and he was well.

When I wrote this article for Clearwisdom, thinking that many fellow practitioners may also run into this issue, the evil in other dimensions came to interfere with me again. My chest hurt like there were needles stabbing me. It was the illness symptoms that I had before I started practicing. I spoke out loud, "I follow Master in Fa-rectification, and I am not afraid of anything. I can recognize you and eliminate you."