(Clearwisdom.net) On December 22, Taiwan Falun Dafa Association received an appreciation certificate from the Detention Center of Procurational Department of Defensive Department Taichung Local Military Court. The appreciate certificate reads: "Boundless Merit and Virtue." This certificate is to commend Falun Dafa for having brought positive changes to many detainees both mentally and bodily.

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The certificate of appreciation from the Detention Center of Procurational Department of Defensive Department Taichung Local Military Court.

In 2001, some Falun Gong practitioners started to go to the detention center to voluntarily teach detainees Falun Gong in order to help the center to moralize detainees. A practitioner who has been the Detention Center regularly to teach Falun Gong said, "We have formed a few groups and we take turns to come here to teach Falun Gong and help detainees to read Falun Gong books. In the beginning, detainees were not so interested. As time went on, they thought that Falun Gong might have health benefits. So they didn't reject the idea to practice. Gradually, they can concentrate their attention on learning during our teaching classes. Finally, many detainees eventually started to learn Falun Gong seriously. "

A detainee wrote the following in his sharing paper: "How to describe my feeling? Before I got to know Falun Gong, I didn't know it was in life that I really wanted. I indulged myself everyday and my life was totally a mess. I didn't have any life goal, and never knew how to plan my life. I really thought that I was just a dying tree. Sometime, I really wanted to give up this life, however, it seemed that in a corner of my heart there was a voice which was pulling me and not allowing me to give up life. One month after Falun Gong practice, my daily life, my relationship with others as well my body and soul all have experienced great change."

Another detainee said: "Since I learned Falun Dafa half year ago in this detention center, many inmates told me that my temper had become much better than before. I then realized that to practice Falun Gong is to cultivate our body and Xinxing."

In contrast to this scenario, Falun Gong is persecuted in Mainland China and countless Falun Gong practitioners have been locked up in detention centers and subjected to all kinds of torture. Just across the Taiwan Strait, Falun Gong practitioners have brought the teaching of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance to detention centers and many detainees have thus been moralized. The positive effect of Falun Gong on detainees have been acknowledged and commended by many detention centers.

On December 20, Taiwan Falun Dafa Association received another certificate of appreciation from Taichung Detention Center. Professor Lau attended the ceremony on behalf of the association to accept the certificate. Taiwan Falun Dafa Association also presented the detention center a copy of "Consonantia: Reflections of Respect". This book documents more than 800 proclamations that Falun Dafa had received from governmental officials worldwide by 2001. Now, this number has increased to more than 1000.

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Appreciation Certificate from Taichung Dentention center

The director of Taichung Detention Center said that many detainees came to the center to stay temporally. Some may be held here for only a few days, while some could be much longer. The center symbolizes the first stop for them to be separated from the normal world, they could face prosecution and even prison term. As result, many of them become quite emotional. The meditation of Falun Dafa has showed prominent effect on helping them to calm down. Furthermore, the "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" teaching of Falun Dafa helps them to self-examine their past and accept the reality. Consequently, they can live a more rational life.

It is reported that Taiwan Falun Gong practitioners regularly go to detention centers in different areas to introduce Falun Dafa to detainees. Their efforts have been welcomed and acknowledged by detainees and these law enforcing institutes.